Autorate, Initializing & the Winnings stat
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    Default Autorate, Initializing & the Winnings stat

    Hi. I'm using small stakes v. 1.09 30b. I play 6max NLHE cash at PS
    1] AUTORATE:
    I can't find this feature in the manual nor anything in the top 50 FAQ's. I guess it's new.

    ** Can you point me to information explaining the symbols & also suggested setups for 6max NLHE cash ?

    Under the "Import" tab there is an information box outlined with a black line beneath the "Import Progress:" bar. Sometimes when HM is launched the box is empty, but at other times when launched it says "Importer Initializing...". If it says it's initializing it will continue to say that even if I leave HM alone for hours.

    ** Why do I get these two different messages at launch ?

    ** Could this have any bearing on why I can't get "pre-fetch one hand" at PS to work ?

    3] WINNINGS:
    I thought wrongly that the HUD "WINNINGS" stat was just for the current game, but it seems that is only true for the Hero.

    ** Is there any way that I can set up the HUD so that it displays "WINNINGS" set at zero for all the players at the moment I join the cash game ?


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    1. Autorate: check the help and for the basics i think this thread helps:

    2. Thats normal. For the Stars Prefetch you need at least beta 29. Some users have problems with this feature in beta 30. Please check your configuration:

    3. When you double click on villains Hud the stats become red and show session stats.

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