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    Default graphs and reports suggestions

    In HM1 we could see the actual winnings bij standing on the graph (got a pop-up with hand number and winnings. I would like to see that in HM2 too, now we have to guess somewhere between 200 and 300.
    It is also impossible to zoom in with a square as before, because the x-axis (0 winnings) is always visible.

    Especially for rakeback in the graphs. It's hard to estimate this without proper ticks and zoom and rakeback is not a report stat (please add this).

    Regarding report, there are many new ones, all with default stats. For me this means that I have to add stats like fold to 3b and 4b, CB flop etc. to all these reports, and in most cases these are the exact same sats. If you could make some stats profiles to load, that would be very convenient.

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    Request about popups in graph is allready written

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