Caddy Scatter(Self resolved)
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    Default Caddy Scatter(Self resolved)

    In the scatter graph the vertical line is the bet pot line. How is that calculated?
    My knowledge is that the bet pot is calculated like this: the value of the calling action + the number that is obtained by adding the calling action + the value of the pot before the action.
    Bet pot preflop : 1/2 blinds. Bet pot is 2 + (2+3)=7
    Raise pot postflop : pot on flop 10;bet 6
    raise pot= 6 + (6+16) = 28

    general = pot amount + 2*call amount

    Is this how scatter does it?

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    I found the general rule and the one that Scatter uses:

    To get your maximum bet, multiply the last bet by three and add all other bets, including the original pot.

    The results are the same as above just what pot amount means is different.
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