FAQ about Leak Buster - How will it improve my poker game?
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    Default FAQ about Leak Buster - How will it improve my poker game?


    "Leak Buster is a tremendous value, whether you're a recreational player who wants to get better or an experienced player looking to reach for that extra EV." - Josh Potkins (Deuces Cracked Pro)

    "There is no question Leak Buster is a valuable piece of software and a must have for anybody looking to improve their game. As a long time mid stakes player I was skeptical at first, but after looking deeper into the software I realized that I could analyze aspects of my game with ease that I never could before." - Sean (PenelopeCruz 2+2 Mid-stakes Pooh-bah)

    "Overall, Leak Buster comes highly recommended and considering the price, seems like a fantastic investment in your poker game." - PokerSoftware.com



    Leak Buster currently works for no-limit and limit holdem (6-max and full ring), and Pot-limit Omaha (6-max and full ring) cash games. Leak Buster ONLY works with a Holdem Manager database.

    Standard license: $49.99 (for Pot Limit Omaha editions work for 50NL and below only. Limit edition works for $0.5/ $1 and below only). $59.99 (No-limit, works on 25NL and below)

    Professional license: $79.99 (for PLO and Limit - all stake levels). $89.99 for no-limit (all stakes)

    Purchase link: Holdem Manager Leak Buster Poker Software


    How Leak Buster can help improve your game, no matter what your current skill level is:

    If you're already a winning player, Leak Buster will be an invaluable guide to ensure that you maintain your highest profitability, and you will always know when areas of your game need improvement or review. If you are a beginning player, or currently losing, Leak Buster is an ideal tool that will isolate your leaks, and provide winning advice on correcting those leaks using written modules, and instructional videos.

    Leak Buster will provide valuable information to all poker players, regardless of current skill level, on areas of their game that need attention and investigation. Leak Buster's primary design concept was to quickly show any level player where his most costly leaks exists. No matter your current skill level, Leak Buster will locate costly leaks that you weren't aware existed.

    Who designed Leak Buster?

    Leak Buster was designed by long term winning online poker players, for poker players. It's a no gimmick approach to real automated leak detection that will quickly pay for itself. It was created to assist the more knowledgeable 2+2 poker player, as well as the novice player looking to learn about their game. Some of the members of the design and content team are as follows:
    • John “Nagarjuna” Anhalt (Freakdaddy on 2+2 and primary creator of Leak Buster). Life time cash game winnings over $400k+.
    • Bryce “The Bryce” Paradis. Won over 2.5 million in 1 year alone at limit holdem. Considered one of the best limit holdem players in the world.
    • Andrew “andrewboccia” Boccia. Won over 800k in online cash games. Mass multi-tabling grinder.
    • Russell “loosefer” Blattberg. Won over 400k in online cash games and over 1 million in tournament winnings including a WPT circuit even title.
    • Tom “learnedfromtv” Chambers. Two WSOP final tables including 2nd place in Omaha hi/low. Over 500k in cash game winnings.
    • Corwin “Vital Myth” Cole. WSOP final table, and circuit event wins. One of the all time highest rated CR instructors.

    I'm already a winning player, how will Leak Buster help make me a better player?

    As every poker player knows, we all have leaks in our game. Leak Buster's primary design concept was to quickly show any level player where his most costly leaks exists.

    If you're already a winning player, Leak Buster will be an invaluable guide to ensure that you maintain your highest profitability, and you will always know when areas of your game need improvement or review.

    While Leak Buster isn't a replacement for coaching (it should be a worthy complimentary software for your poker library), it was designed to be one of the next best things. Leak Buster does have some advantages over coaching however, such as:
    a) In about 3-10 minutes you'll instantly know areas of your game that are costing you the most money.
    b) Most coaches will take several hours of coaching in order to inform you of the same leaks that leak buster will locate for you. Compare the average coaching rate at your stake level to the guarantee you'll find leaks you didn't know about in your game, or leaks you may have suspected, but weren't entirely sure about.
    c) Unlike a coach, Leak Buster is available anytime you want to examine, and improve your poker game.
    d) You will have concrete proof from your very own database about exactly how much any given leak is costing you.
    e) Much much cheaper!

    How does the scoring system work?

    Leak Buster is the process of hundreds of millions of hands being analyzed and median ranges constructed for peak win rates. These Hand Histories were not submitted, they were farmed directly from the poker sites. A model was constructed from that of how these ranges relate and effect each other. Next a scoring algorithm was built from this model which ranks the data and how far it is from that peak mean, and a score from 1-10 is given for each statistical category based on the severity of the leak.

    For example, if someone is calling 3-bets way too often, this means they are doing it with a non-optimal range and will be a significant leak (unless they are doing this consistently deep in position). The scoring system scores this kind of leak higher than say if you have a small leak because you're folding from the small blind a little too often.

    Leak Buster is statistical proof of how certain ranges will effect winrates. More importantly, it also offers advice, and tutorials on how to plug certain leaks through the use of video, written modules, and quizzes.

    Who will benefit most from using Leak Buster?

    Leak Buster would be of most benefit to micro, small, and mid-stakes NL/PL and Limit Holdem players. It was designed by successful poker players, for poker players. Even players who are doing very well at their stake level will benefit immensely from Leak Buster.

    Does Leak Buster only support cash games?

    Yes. Only cash games.

    Is the Leak Buster scoring a gimmick?

    No. There is a direct correlation between ideal stat ranges, and win-rates. Losing and marginal winners will score lower in Leak Buster than players who are winning at a high rate.

    What is your return policy?

    We provide a fully functional non-expiring trial of Leak Buster. We encourage you to use that and contact support if you have any questions about the software. We do not provide returns on issued serial numbers. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we provide support through all of the major poker forums and through our websites.

    What can I expect when I purchase Leak Buster?

    A tool that you can use throughout your poker playing career and an aide to assist you in narrowing down and eliminating your poker leaks.

    What kind of videos and training material are included in Leak Buster?

    Instructional power point style videos that cover topics such as: The Art of Bluffing (How to bluff more profitably), Playing in 3 & 4-bet pots, Statistical analysis by position of continuation betting, Understanding flop and turn equity, Big pot vs. small pot poker, How to play the Turn (where the money is won and lost), Playing out of position.

    Will you be adding more material and functions to Leak Buster?

    Yes, and updates will are currently free.

    What games does Leak Buster currently support?

    Leak Buster works with No-limit, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Limit Holdem 6-max and full ring cash games.

    Will Leak Buster support other games?

    MTT's and S&G designs may be added in the future.
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