Processed hands did not move to HM2Archive folder
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    Default Processed hands did not move to HM2Archive folder


    First, I'm using HM under Windows 7. I have an SSD (C:\) on which is HM2; I also have an HDD (D:\).
    My HM2archive is D:\HM2ARCHIVE

    When I'm playing on poker sites, my hands are processed and then moved to HM2archive without any problem.

    However, I do have some others hands that I want to import and I had a folder C:\nonprocessedHH\ where I sometime put hand histories there (HH from another computer). I did create a new auto-import folders (C:\nonprocessedHH + subfolders), and i did make sure the "archive hand history after importing" box is tickled. My archive folder for this auto-import folder is D:\HM2ARCHIVE like it is supposed to be.

    However, my hand histories on C:\nonprocessedHH\ are staying there forever. They are not archived at all. I made sure they were actually processed... importation is all good!
    FWIW, "archive hand history files older than ___ minutes" is set to 10.

    Any idea what's wrong and why files in this folders dont go to hm2archive folder??
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    If the files are too big, they won't get moved to the archive folder.

    Instead of your current setup, remove C:\nonprocessedHH as an auto import folder.
    Whenever you drop handhistories into that folder, run a "import from folder" on it.
    Then manually move the files to your archive folder.
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