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    Default Reaction on raise Cbet


    A week ago i found strange situation. In my pop-up for cbet i use stats FCBRr and CB3Br, which show action after cbet was raised in singleraised pots. But i found out that these two different stats show the same value. It's probably OK if they show 30. But then i started to see 50, 60, 70. And that's impossible, because they have to be below 100 in the amount.

    I made screen so u can see. On the right is popup in the designer, and on the left popup for the real player in HH. It's only exaple, not single case.

    Is this a know problem or should i post more info?

    P.S> Sorry for mistakes, im not very good in english
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    Please try in the latest version, mine all show different #'s for total, raised, and 3bet pots.

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    lol, updated to latest version. Now i got unhandled exception while trying open any of popups

    restarted hm but it didnt help

    UPD: Renamed popups and now it work. But first problem is still actual. Values are the same
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    Hi NoEmoti0n:

    You were correct - values were the same. its fixed - give it a day or two.

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