merge(lock poker) hands in hem....
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    Default merge(lock poker) hands in hem....

    im trying to copy paste hands out of hem to post in a hand converter such as or post it in skype for discussion, but the format comes out very odd and i have never seen it happen with any other hand histories....

    <game id="44329961-293" starttime="20111128192829" numholecards="2" gametype="2" seats="2" realmoney="true" data="20111128|Everglades (Heads Up) (44329961)|44329961|44329961-293|false">
    <players dealer="1">
    <player seat="0" nickname="discomonkey" balance="$257.16" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="1" nickname="KeShaBeatZ" balance="$459.62" dealtin="true" />
    <round id="BLINDS" sequence="1">
    <event sequence="1" type="SMALL_BLIND" timestamp="1322526498792" player="1" amount="1.00"/>
    <event sequence="2" type="BIG_BLIND" timestamp="1322526499046" player="0" amount="2.00"/>
    <round id="PREFLOP" sequence="2">
    <event sequence="3" type="RAISE" timestamp="1322526501702" player="1" amount="4.66"/>
    <event sequence="4" type="FOLD" timestamp="1322526506495" player="0"/>
    <cards type="HOLE" cards="7c,4d" player="0" hand="Seven High"/>
    <round id="END_OF_FOLDED_GAME" sequence="3">
    <event sequence="5" type="MUCK" timestamp="1322526507109" player="1"/>
    <winner amount="6.66" uncalled="false" potnumber="1" player="1" pottype="n"/>
    <round id="END_OF_GAME" sequence="4">

    is what comes out for a standard hand.....

    any thoughts, is it hem, lock, merge or ..... its only merge as i have cehcked simultaneous hands for stars, party and entraction and they are all 100% fine


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    It's exporting the hand in it's original handhistory formatting.

    The original (unedited) formatting of PokerStars is already much more user friendly and easy to read.
    To see this Merge hand in a similar format, replay the hand, click on "handhistory" (above the pot/pot odds)-->
    and click on 2+2, rtf or txt.

    Then paste the handhistory into a txt file or forum/hand convertor.
    Or find a convertor that can read/convert the Merge hands in their original formatting.
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    Yeah that's the standard Merge HH format. You have to convert it to something else as Patvs points out, using HEM or a converter that supports Merge HH's.

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