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    Default posting hand in forum


    We can easily post hand in forum with HEM1.
    We just click 'hand history' then click the '2+2' as below.

    Uploaded with

    However, it not available in HEM2.
    So, I hope it will be avaiblable in HEM2 in near future.


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    Actually, when you right-click on any hand and click "View" then a nice little HH winodw pops up where you can get the hand history the exact same way ...

    But yes, I agree, that it would be much more useful to have this feature in the actual hand replayer as well ...

    Easier to quickly get the HH when you're in the middle of reviewing many hands instead of going to the "View" mode for each hand I wish to get a "forum-ready" HH.

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    In the hand viewer, you can set up 2 quick export to's in the bottom corner. That way you can quickly export the hand to two different sites.

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