PF VPIP = ?l
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    Default PF VPIP = ?l

    It was posted here that was replaced with the new PF VPIP.

    How is Pre Flop VPIP = ??!?

    Default AUTO RATE rules still say VP$IP in their expressions by default. If you manually delete VP$IP and try to add your own VP$IP expression it does not exist and is not available.

    I did a test where the *ONLY* expression I have for a AUTO RATE category is PF VPIP >= 40 with Sample >= 20 (fishies). I just played a session where I saw a user with a VP$IP of 65 over 50 hands and his icon was still marked as a * instead of a fishy as assigned. Why?

    Secondly, when going to HUD Options >> Display Stats - Why by default is the first item in second line when it apparently was replaced by PF VPIP? The values are identical in the HUD if you put PF VPIP next to each other but why are my autorate rules not picking up anything?

    E.g When my only rule expression is PF VPIP >= 40 for fish icon - why do people with 65 VPIP still have a * over 150 hands?

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    It happens to me also, my auto-rates rules never worked since I have HM2.

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