Betfair: Some SnG profits are recorded, some are not
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    Default Betfair: Some SnG profits are recorded, some are not

    Hi Support,
    I'm having a problem with HEM and Betfair.
    It seems that some profits are being recognized as losses, for example I had a 1st in a 30man SnG yesterday with no win recognized and also a second placing on a 10 man SnG today that was recorded as a loss.
    The strange thing is a 3rd placing from today that registered as a profit.
    What could be happening here? I've had this problem for a while now and updated the release a few times but the same problem keeps occurring.

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    Ongame don't writes this information in history file.
    So in some is wrong - edit tourney results manually.

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    Also try updating it to the latest version.

    It sometimes help.

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