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    Default SC Dynamic Handranking

    Would it be technically possible to do a dynamic SC-Ranking for the hud?
    Example: I am in SB with K4o and BB has 22 BigBlinds. As the SC-Ranking proofs, it is EV+ to jam here. I would guess that if the BB is a competent shortstacker, it might be EV- to raise K4o to a normal amount.
    If my hud could do sth for me in those situations...that would be great. One possibility would be that the hud knows which player is behind me and knows his stack also. The hud does know my cards obviously. So i can look up if i can jam here (say a green button or sth.) - the alternative for me is to look it up everytime at .

    If this is all to much, it would be great to have a BigBlind for EV+ in addition to the % in the replayer "HandRange" Sklansky-Chubkov Ranking.

    Furthermore: How can I access the "HandRange"-Tool independent from real played hands?

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    I will forward this to the developer for a reply.

    Real-time EV calculators are against most/every site's TOS, AFAIK.

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