Release Info Thread: 1.09 Beta 43 (Release Candidate for 1.09)
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    Default Release Info Thread: 1.09 Beta 43 (Release Candidate for 1.09)


    * (1.09 Beta 1 NEW) Added Cake support for hands played after May 5th (new hand history format)
    * (1.09 Beta 1 NEW) Added support for Cereus 4 paid SNG's
    * (1.09 Beta 1 HUD) Live Tracking FTP and IPoker hands.
    * (1.09 Beta 1 HUD) Pre-flop odds in hand history window when cards go to showdown
    * (1.09 Beta 1 HUD) Updated code to detect new Stars MTT/SNG client changes
    * (1.09 Beta 1 NEW) New replayer interface
    * (1.09 Beta 1 NEW) Player preferences menu split into tabs and Tooltips added.
    * (1.09 Beta 1 NEW) Replayer skin updated
    * (1.09 Beta 1 SCANNER) Extended Trial 2 more weeks
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) FTP, Stars and other site 6Max tourneys now have $EV being calculated
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) Fixed bug in the $EV Adjusted report stat if you had a hand that was exactly 50.0% to win against one other hand and the two hands were not the same cards
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) Very rarely a Cereus hand would have a player playing who did not appear in the seated / stack list and this would cause the hand to not import. This is now auto corrected
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) The Big Hands tab in the player analysis would only show the first 2 cards of Omaha hands
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) Fixed issue that could occur on a hand played at a large MTT if the total number of chips at the table was higher than apx 65 million
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) Some Party Omaha tourney hands were importing as Holdem
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) Fixed bug where FTP Omaha Hi/Lo tourney summaries would come through as Holdem
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) ICM for FTP and other 6-max tournaments
    * (1.09 Beta 1 BUG) 2p2 grabbing in hand history window fixes and improvements

    * (1.09 Beta 3 SCANNER) Updated scanner to deal with Cereus Network changes
    * (1.09 Beta 3 HUD) Transparency drop shadow fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 3 HUD) Mucked card opacity fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 3 HUD) More work on dimming folded players stats (live tracked sites only)
    * (1.09 Beta 3 HUD) I-poker live tracking enabled

    * (1.09 Beta 4 BUG) Fixed Cake import issue with hands using a 2009.06.08 date format instead of 2009/06/08 or 2009-06-08
    * (1.09 Beta 4 BUG) Fixed EV bb/100 stat if you had a hand where you had exactly a 50.0% chance to win with no full split pot possibility
    * (1.09 Beta 4 BUG) Betfair 6max SNG payouts changed to 60%/40% payouts
    * (1.09 Beta 4 HUD) Added absolute/ub tracking and fixed some small stuff associated with tracking
    * (1.09 Beta 4 SCANNER) Some fairly large performance improvements on client side scanning
    * (1.09 Beta 4 SCANNER) Stars: removed "unjoin" when joining a table twice
    * (1.09 Beta 4 SCANNER) Added columns to indicate cap, speed, deep, jackpot and ante tables
    * (1.09 Beta 4 SCANNER) Added sound when scan finished
    * (1.09 Beta 4 SCANNER) Fixed database connection problem when running the scanner
    * (1.09 Beta 4 NEW) Added initial tourney support for Cake new hand history format
    * (1.09 Beta 4 BUG) Fixed import issue with some Cake hands where stacks were > $1000
    * (1.09 Beta 4 NEW) Added mucked card saving for Cake new hand history format
    * (1.09 Beta 4 NEW) Added importing and exporting of bonuses and rakeback plans
    * (1.09 Beta 4 NEW) Fixed Cake importing issue where for some hero's Cake masks out the players name in all lines except the Dealt To line.

    * (1.09 Beta 5 HUD) Options fixes. Live tracking and Avg pot.
    * (1.09 Beta 5 HUD) More logging for Party crash.
    * (1.09 Beta 5 NEW) Ongame support for new hand history format (cash only)
    * (1.09 Beta 5 SCANNER) Fixed player statistics retrieval for Everest
    * (1.09 Beta 5 SCANNER) Added "Multi Fetch" option to speed up the scanning (See "Settings->Speed Settings")

    * (1.09 Beta 6 NEW) Ongame cards shown (or otherwise recorded) are now saved into the hand
    * (1.09 Beta 6 HUD) HUD detects and attaches to new Ongame client
    * (1.09 Beta 6 HUD) HUD attached to Stars MTT's and SNG's after the Poker Stars update
    * (1.09 Beta 6 HUD) More Party Poker fixes with HUD

    * (1.09 Beta 6a HUD) More fixes related to Ongame and Stars client changes
    * (1.09 Beta 6a NEW) Fixed issue where ongame tables would stop updating their hud stats after 5 minutes

    * (1.09 Beta 7 HUD) Hopefully lag issues fixed. Make sure you are not enabling live tracking for any sites, if you had problems with previous builds.
    * (1.09 Beta 7 HUD) Pre-fetch back for Stars tournaments.
    * (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) William Hill players who have date issue due to the way that one site saves the date on some systems can close HM, edit the HoldemManager.Config changing &lt;setting name="WilliamHillAlternateDateFormat">False</setting>
    to &lt;setting name="WilliamHillAlternateDateFormat">True</setting> and then relaunch and it will work.
    * (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) You can now set the Default Tourney Buyin Amount and Default Tourney Rake Amount for sites like Everest and Ongame that do not include buyin amounts. This can be set under the Options Menu.
    * (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) Added ongame tourney support for new hand history format. Please note that ongame tourney hands no longer include any tourney buyin, rake, finish or winning amounty details. Holdem Manager will use the default tourney buyin amount and try to calculate everything else based on that
    * (1.09 Beta 7 BUG) Fixed split pot winnings bug for new ongame hand format
    * (1.09 Beta 7 BUG) Fixed Between issue with auto rate form

    * (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) Betfair 6max SNG's with 1000 chips to start are now detected properly and winnings paid out
    * (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) You can now remove names from the "Change" list that normally includes all players you have recently looked at
    * (1.09 Beta 8 BUG) Some actions in Absolute/UB hands now have the text "Preselection" in the line. This caused the hand to import in error and this has now been fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 8 BUG) Player count in bottom of grid of Players tab was not accurate if you used filters
    * (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) Added support for PT3 exported Tournament summaries
    * (1.09 Beta 8 SCANNER) Extended trial for scanner for another 10 days - we will likely be launching this officially on July 1st

    * (1.09 Beta 9 NEW) HM will now archive Ipoker MTT's throughout the tourney to ensure that when you change tables the HUD will see and attach to the new table. By moving the file ipoker will create a new file with the correct info in it.
    * (1.09 Beta 9 BUG) Fixed issue importing Euro tourney hands from Stars Italian version. Previously it would record the tourney as unknown buyin
    * (1.09 Beta 9 BUG) Pacific network uses non-standard notation for Fixed Limit hands causing the stakes to appear like they are half of what they should be. Fixed now
    * (1.09 Beta 9 NEW) Replayer can now we resized when customizing
    * (1.09 Beta 9 HUD) Fixed hud crashing on replayer.
    * (1.09 Beta 9 HUD) Added cold-call 3 bet and open 4 bet stats
    * (1.09 Beta 9 HUD) Added Tournament M (under winnings). This should be accurate for FTP and Stars. I grab the blinds from the window title, but for other sites I use the blind and ante info from previous hands. So when the blinds go up, the figures will be wrong for one hand.
    * (1.09 Beta 9 HUD) Fixed a couple of hand parsing bugs for live tracking. Specifically when the small blind sits out and when someone stands up out of turn (well out of the betting turn)
    * (1.09 Beta 9 HUD) Lots of work on popups for live tracked hands. I'm parsing the live hand and deciding which stats are relevant. E.g. You don't need to know someone's steal attempt % if they were in the BB, so I grey it out. On the other hand if they 3-bet vs a steal, that stat gets displayed in red. I have all the preflop stats done, but need to do some more work on post flop.
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    * (1.09 Beta 10 NEW) Cereus network has cash tables with the same name causing issues with the hud but this is now working
    * (1.09 Beta 10 NEW) Autorate can now be enabled for the hud while playing under Options - Enable Auto Rate. Icons are calculated on the fly based on rules and if you have an existing icon for the player it will not be changed
    * (1.09 Beta 10 BUG) Using Group by Players in the Stats tab will now let you click on one of the rows and bring up matching hands
    * (1.09 Beta 10 BUG) Fixed replayer bug with Hero Name being in xml syntax
    * (1.09 Beta 10 HUD) Live tracking - fixed SB pot odds
    * (1.09 Beta 10 HUD) Live tracking - added stat dimming and popup highlighting for Party
    * (1.09 Beta 10 HUD) Live tracking - added options for popup colors to popup designer
    * (1.09 Beta 10 HUD) Fixed Pot Odds % issue
    * (1.09 Beta 10 BUG) Improved Cake tourney support to deal with more hand history oddities with their format
    * (1.09 Beta 10 BUG) 10 man SNG payouts now paid out on Cake
    * (1.09 Beta 10 BUG) Fixed problem where Stars put a different name in the summary than they do in the hand histories if the player has some Cyrillic characters in their name causing the number of players in the tourney to be larger than expected

    * (1.09 Beta 10a BUG) Fixed HUD issue with Absolute
    * (1.09 Beta 10a BUG) Fixed a couple of auto rate issues

    * (1.09 Beta 11 NEW) Added support for the new Stars VPP tables - previously HUD would not find them
    * (1.09 Beta 11 NEW) In HUD Options - Table Prefs you can now specify pot odds as a ratio or %
    * (1.09 Beta 11 BUG) Fixed couple of issues with auto rate settings not saving (and therefor not being used)
    * (1.09 Beta 11 NEW) Added some additional autorate logging in test mode

    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Ongames new format Omaha HiLo hands no longer import as Omaha Hi
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Fixed ongame HiLo high and low pot wins not registering
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Fixed ongame issue with side pots
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Cake hands where blind format is 0,25/0,50 would import as 25/50 instead of .25/.50
    * (1.09 Beta 12 NEW) Added Double or Nothing support for Cake
    * (1.09 Beta 12 NEW) Update to properly deal with Party's change to make full ring 9 players instead of 10
    * (1.09 Beta 12 NEW) Added support for Stars Hyper Turbo 6 max tourneys although since the winning amounts vary you should still import the summaries
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Added support for Prima skins with extended tourney info to properly import tourney
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Fixed Prima issue where some Prima gamehistory.dat files would not import any hands when using Import File or Import Folder
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Prima now uses the default tourney buyin and rake values under options since tourney buyin details are not recorded in hand history
    * (1.09 Beta 12 NEW) Added support for double or nothing tourneys on Prima
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Autorate rules for FR using correct rules.
    * (1.09 Beta 12 BUG) Autorate. Glitch with samples for agg factor fixed

    * (1.09 Beta 13 HUD) Stars 50BB min,fast,newVPP tables fix.
    * (1.09 Beta 13 NEW) The Vs Player Min BB's setting on the vs Player tab is now remembered
    * (1.09 Beta 13 HUD) Fixed party 6 max tables defaulting to 9 max
    * (1.09 Beta 13 HUD) Players with notes now have an added note icon, drawn on top of the regular icon.
    * (1.09 Beta 13 NEW) Hand range tool now allows input of hole and board cards.
    * (1.09 Beta 13 BUG) Minor fixes to hand range tool.
    * (1.09 Beta 13 NEW) Added support for Pacific 3 man winner take all tourneys for tourney winnings
    * (1.09 Beta 13 BUG) Fixed bug that caused Pacific hand histories to fail to import where the filename did not have the text Holdem.txt in it
    * (1.09 Beta 13 BUG) Fixed Cake tourney bug where the buyin amount in the hand history was assumed to be buyin + rake. Now the rake is guessed based on the tourney size and buyin thanks to a list sent by "vlsup"
    * (1.09 Beta 13 NEW) Some turbo's and super turbo's on Cake will now be recognized as such

    * (1.09 Beta 14 NEW) Ipoker hands where one player posted but the hand never starts would previously show up as an import error but correctly not count as a hand. Now it is simply skipped
    * (1.09 Beta 14 HUD) fixed popup problem with won in last x mins stat
    * (1.09 Beta 14 HUD) fixed problem with manually rotating panels and popups not matching player.
    * (1.09 Beta 14 NEW) Added "Tools" menu that currently links directly to the hand range tool
    * (1.09 Beta 14 NEW) For any hand when you right click it will not have "Run Hand Range Tool" underneath the replay hand option and this will load up the hand range tool with the known cards entered
    * (1.09 Beta 14 HUD) HUD Winmax (francais) tables detected.
    * (1.09 Beta 14 NEW) Added support for PT exported ipoker Fixed Limit hands
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) fixed "reserved" seat problem at stars scanning
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) improved stars playername recognition
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) fixed table minimize/maximize problems
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) fixed playername recognition at Everest
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) fixed prima tableopener
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) fix for latest CrazyPoker and TellPoker update
    * (1.09 Beta 14 SCANNER) added fulltilt server side scanning

    * (1.09 Beta 14a BUG) Updated to deal with FTP client change which would cause hud to stop updating after about 10 minutes
    * (1.09 Beta 14a BUG) Fixed issue with Prima cash games not auto detecting within hud without table finder

    * (1.09 Beta 15 HUD) FTP up to 5 observed hands saved. You need to set up options under HUD options->site settings->full Tilt
    * (1.09 Beta 15 BUG) FTP Tourney buyins and rake now corrected for the new hand history changes at FTP
    * (1.09 Beta 15 BUG) Cake hands where the thousand seperator for stacks and wins is a period now import
    * (1.09 Beta 15 BUG) Some Cake hands had the hero's name ***'ed out in the seat / stacks section but nowhere else. These now import
    * (1.09 Beta 15 BUG) Multiple Omaha low tied side pot hands now import
    * (1.09 Beta 15 SCANNER) Updated scanner to deal with FTP changes (please note that the client side scanner will run slower now due to the changes FTP made)
    * (1.09 Beta 15 SCANNER) Fixed a pokerstars scanning bug

    * (1.09 Beta 16 BUG) Fixed Cake issue importing tourney hands once Ante hits 1000
    * (1.09 Beta 16 BUG) Fixed Cake issue importing some tourney's hands depending on the tourney name
    * (1.09 Beta 16 BUG) Fixed Cake issue importing tourney hands with Ante's where sometimes some of the players full names are used in the Ante line but starred out everywhere else
    * (1.09 Beta 16 SCANNER) Scanner is now launching. You will be able to use it for a 15 day trial or you can purchase any time before that expires

    * (1.09 Beta 17 BUG) Fixed FTP pre-fetch setting hands to be collected back to 0
    * (1.09 Beta 17 NEW) New sample.pop that matches the default main popup.
    * (1.09 Beta 17 BUG) Fixed winrate, won/lost popup layout bugs
    * (1.09 Beta 17 SCANNER) Fixed Everest and FTP issues

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    * (1.09 Beta 18 NEW) The "My Day Starts On" now applied to This Month, Last Month and specific Month ranges
    * (1.09 Beta 18 BUG) Fixed FTP Ante game issue where player who is sitting out might have rake applied to hand
    * (1.09 Beta 18 BUG) FTP no longer update modified date/time in hand history files which causes some issues - changes made to better deal with these issues*
    * (1.09 Beta 18 NEW) Cereus 4-Pay tourneys now import correctly with winnings
    * (1.09 Beta 18 BUG) View Selected Hand in the manager used to display tourneys using the big blind x 100 as the stakes in the converted hand text
    * (1.09 Beta 18 HUD) Fixed ipoker live tracking
    * (1.09 Beta 18 SCANNER) server side ftp will recognize cap tables now
    * (1.09 Beta 18 SCANNER) fixed join table for fulltilt

    * (1.09 Beta 18a BUG) Fixed FTP auto import issue that got reintroduced in beta 18
    * (1.09 Beta 18a HUD) Fixed crashing error related to FTP prefetch
    * (1.09 Beta 18a SCANNER) Fixed Scanner issue with FTP and Stars

    * (1.09 Beta 19 NEW) Added support for Cereus HORSE cash games (for Holdem Limit and Omaha Hi/Lo Limit)
    * (1.09 Beta 19 BUG) Fixed replayer crashing error when there was no declared button seat
    * (1.09 Beta 19 NEW) More tweaks to deal with recent FTP changes
    * (1.09 Beta 19 NEW) Fixed recent FTP changes to Matrix tourneys where HM would no longer recognize them causing varoious inconsistencies in the tourney tracking for these
    * (1.09 Beta 19 NEW) Ongame hands that are auto imported will request server hand histories to grab mucked cards if required
    * (1.09 Beta 19 HUD) Stars detached chat no longer recognized as table.
    * (1.09 Beta 19 HUD) Trny M should now include antes all the time.
    * (1.09 Beta 19 HUD) Replayer bug fixed where SB busted and there is no dealer in the hand history.
    * (1.09 Beta 19 HUD) Fixed issue detecting Pacific jackpot tables
    * (1.09 Beta 19 HUD) Party poker live tracking/dim folded flicker fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 19 SCANNER) You can select multiple tables in the scanner to open/join multiple tables in 1 step...
    * (1.09 Beta 19 SCANNER) added "turbo"-options for latest fulltilt version. benefits include no focus steal during scan and much faster although cant detect cap/deep/speed/ante tables yet

    * (1.09 Beta 20 BUG) Fixed bug where Bodog Omaha Hi/Lo hands were imported as Omaha Hi hands
    * (1.09 Beta 20 SCANNER) Fixed FTP scanning issue where stack sizes would appear to be $0
    * (1.09 Beta 20 SCANNER) Fixed ipoker scanning issue
    * (1.09 Beta 20 BUG) Fixed FTP Omaha Hi/Lo problem where sometimes a tied high sidepot win would not register
    * (1.09 Beta 20 BUG) Fixed FTP tourney entry fee being marked as $0 on some tourneys due to some spacing changes they recently made
    * (1.09 Beta 20 NEW) Tourney rebuys will now be properly grabbed when reimporting from a Holdem manager tourney summary export

    * (1.09 Beta 21 NEW) Changes made to deal with upcoming Stars currency hand history changes. Please note that the hands will still import at $ until the currency module is finished
    * (1.09 Beta 21 NEW) More tweaks to deal with auto import and the FTP changes
    * (1.09 Beta 21 NEW) Added support for Ongame 5 man tourney winnings being calculated
    * (1.09 Beta 21 HUD) Absolute live tracking fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Using the bulk edit tourney rake option in the data view sets the selected tourney rakes to be equal to the tourney buyin instead of using the value you entered
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Using the bulk edit tourney rebuy option in the data view sets the selected tourney rakes to be equal to the tourney buyin instead of using the value you entered
    * (1.09 Beta 21 NEW) HM Will Recognize FTP Super Turbo's now as Super Turbo's and not Turbo's
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Stars 5card Draw hands no longer import as NL hands
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Fixed new FTP issue where they start using "K" instead of 000 to represent thousands in blind/ante values in large tourneys
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Hand range tool help link fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Replayer bug when sb busts and leaves no dealer for I-poker hands fixed.
    * (1.09 Beta 21 BUG) Fixed Cake issue for Fixed Limit hands with 0,10/0,20 syntax previously importing as 10/20
    * (1.09 Beta 21 SCANNER) buddy/friends/regular-list case sensivity removed
    * (1.09 Beta 21 SCANNER) opentable bug at everest fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 21 SCANNER) betfold support at ipoker added
    * (1.09 Beta 21 SCANNER) added support for latest FTP-beta client (scanner does not support "open/join" table with latest ftp beta client yet)
    * (1.09 Beta 21 SCANNER) added cap/deep/speed/ante filter for ftp client side scan

    * (1.09 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed issue where some 6 max tourneys on some sites would no longer get EV calcs
    * (1.09 Beta 22 NEW) Added EV Calcs for the Stars 6max Hyper Turbo's
    * (1.09 Beta 22 NEW) Added support for updated Stars tourney summaries that include currency
    * (1.09 Beta 22 BUG) Ongame tourney hands where the stacks go over 100,000 use 100K as the stack size. HM now imports these properly
    * (1.09 Beta 22 NEW) Initial support for the Cereus 7-2 proposition games. Rake stats will be affected until we make the larger changes necessary to fully support this without any rake implications
    * (1.09 Beta 22 BUG) Fixed FTP issue where observing players might be dealt ante's on ante tables
    * (1.09 Beta 22 NEW) Updated Licensing issue form to also show the new link which allows you to register and reset your own codes

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    * (1.09 Beta 23 BUG) Fixed issue with new Stars update
    * (1.09 Beta 23a BUG) Cereus 7-2 Prop games without ante's now work

    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Cereus 7-2 Prop games without ante's where the prop is paid out now import ok
    * (1.09 Beta 24 NEW) Added the leakbuster tab and application trial
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Fixed problem with Party Poker tourneys where ante is > 1000 and it is written with a space like "1 000"
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Cereus Play Money hands will no longer import
    * (1.09 Beta 24 NEW) Settings on the Tourney Results tab are now remembered
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Fixed Cereus Jackpot Ante 7-2 hand imports
    * (1.09 Beta 24 NEW) Updated DBControlPanel to allow you to create UTF8 databases. This is required for postgres 8.4 and will soon be the only option for HM (after more testing)
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Fixed FTP issue with tourneys with antes where a player would show as "sitting out" in the hand but still play the hand
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Fixed issue with some Stars tourney summaries not importing after the Stars currency update
    * (1.09 Beta 24 NEW) Stars tourney summaries exported from PT3 will now work
    * (1.09 Beta 24 HUD) Fixed problem with abbreviations causing the wrong popup to be displayed.
    * (1.09 Beta 24 HUD) Corrected Default_Steal popup
    * (1.09 Beta 24 BUG) Fixed issue where some party Poker Omaha tourneys were not being recognized as being Omaha
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) AbsolutePoker/UltimateBet Scan will no more move the lobby
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) AbsolutePoker/UltimateBet Scan will no more steal the focus
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Improved AbsolutePoker/UltimateBet player detection
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) When using Server-Side-Scan: Waitlist will be saved for up to 5 minutes
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Currently open tables will get a bold tablename in the scanresult
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Fixed Open/Join buttons for FullTilt
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Improved FullTiltPoker scanner
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Fixed FullTilt Cap/Deep/Speed/Ante filter
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) Added support for the new FullTiltPoker standard lobby
    * (1.09 Beta 24 SCANNER) You can now combine multiple filters

    * (1.09 Beta 25 NEW) Cash graphing upgrade - when you select a portion of the graph the hands from that section will appear in a hands view
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) Made change to deal with Stars mixed hold'em tourneys after Stars changed the HH formatting slightly
    * (1.09 Beta 25 HUD) Fix for Party No DP games on non english party poker clients not having the hud come up
    * (1.09 Beta 25 SCANNER) Fixed FullTilt "join" problems
    * (1.09 Beta 25 SCANNER) Fixed Bug when trying to open/join multiple tables
    * (1.09 Beta 25 SCANNER) Added "#tables" to playerfilter
    * (1.09 Beta 25 SCANNER) Fixed FullTilt Omaha client side scan
    * (1.09 Beta 25 SCANNER) Fixed NL/PL/FL filter for FullTilt client side scan
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) Everest 6 man tourneys with 1000 chips stacks now recognize as 6 man tourneys and have all-in $EV applied
    * (1.09 Beta 25 NEW) Ongame tourney buyins will be attempted to be auto recognized based on tournament identifier number - thanks to Diego
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) Fixed problems with Entractions update. They padded the word "Fold" with a lot of extra spaces which caused folds to not be recognized
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) Pokerstars adjusted the test in mixed PLO/HLDM games - they are now supported again
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) In the Player Details window the big hands tab would always show cash hands even if tourney was selected
    * (1.09 Beta 25 BUG) Fixed problem in tourney data view where the first tourney would not be selected and if you clicked on refresh the hands list for the current tourney would not appear
    * (1.09 Beta 25 NEW) HM will now remember the last report you were using and default to that

    * (1.09 Beta 26 BUG) Fixed the install / shortcut issues from beta 25
    * (1.09 Beta 26 SCANNER) added a manual for the scanner which is in the holdem manager/fish finder folder or can be launched from the table scanner by clicking on the manual button

    * (1.09 Beta 27 BUG) The first selected report will not shows its stats in the stat selection list unless you click on the report name or change the report
    * (1.09 Beta 27 NEW) Ongame tourney buyins will be attempted to be auto recognized based on tournament identifier number - thanks to Diego
    * (1.09 Beta 27 NEW) Ongame double or nothing tourneys now being recognized and payouts applied properly
    * (1.09 Beta 27 BUG) Fixed Cereus 7-2 game logic. Previously the hand where you placed your prop bet would count as a loss but now when the prop bet is won on a hand the prop amount is removed from each player
    * (1.09 Beta 27 BUG) Ongame hand history fix where sometimes the small blind would be marked as a big blind (in addition to the real big blind) due to the hand history stating that he posted a big blind when in fact he posted the small blind
    * (1.09 Beta 27 BUG) Fixed Cereus hand history change dealing with dead blinds
    * (1.09 Beta 27 HUD) Ipoker. Live tracking. Loosened position detection for chat box to make some skins work.
    * (1.09 Beta 27 HUD) CereusMining. Inconsistencies in the table name were causing stats to be reset. All Cereus tables are now lower case.
    * (1.09 Beta 27 HUD) Cereus lobby not detected as table
    * (1.09 Beta 27 HUD) FTP pre-fetching works for tables named after players with non-alpha characters.
    * (1.09 Beta 27 NEW) The "vs player" filter will now work in tourneys
    * (1.09 Beta 27 NEW) Added $EV Calcs for 3man tourneys

    * (1.09 Beta 28 NEW) Launch of Leak Buster addon
    * (1.09 Beta 28 HUD) Dual monitor pop-up bug fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 28 HUD) Donk-bet-3 bet stat fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 28 BUG) Fixed bug reading some Pacific tourney summaries when you did not finish in the money

    * (1.09 Beta 29 HUD) Fixed problem where sample sizes would appear in all popups
    * (1.09 Beta 29 LEAK BUSTER) Updated Manual and fixed miscellaneous issues

    * (1.09 Beta 30 NEW) tourney hands with Euro buyins now import with proper tourney buyins and winning amounts
    * (1.09 Beta 30 BUG) Fixed bug with 7-2 prop bet recent changes.
    * (1.09 Beta 30 BUG) Fixed bug where the hands tab in the graphs section would be empty initially. Also changed it to say "Graphed Hands"
    * (1.09 Beta 30 NEW) Stars Hyper Turbo tourneys with buyins > $50 now have the appropriate payouts for 1st and 2nd only while smaller buyins payout top 3
    * (1.09 Beta 30 LEAK BUSTER) Fixed some issues occurring with lower resolution monitors
    * (1.09 Beta 30 HUD) Cereus tables are all lower case to make CereusMining work
    * (1.09 Beta 30 HUD) Cereus lobby and instant replay windows are no longer detected as tables
    * (1.09 Beta 30 HUD) Full Tilt pre-fetching fixed (wasn't working on some tables)
    * (1.09 Beta 30 HUD) Stars pre-fetching fixed a bug and made more efficient.
    * (1.09 Beta 30 HUD) Added user definitions for short stack and fish vpip in hud options->table prefs
    * (1.09 Beta 30 TABLE SCANNER) added ipoker skins: myBet, CashIsKing, CelebPoker, PokerOcean

    * (1.09 Beta 30a HUD) Fixed notes icon not being displayed
    * (1.09 Beta 30a HUD) Fixed Ipoker cashier window detected as table

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    * (1.09 Beta 30b NEW) Replayer displays the stacks in the button after a player acts.
    * (1.09 Beta 30b BUG) WSYWIG fixed in table prefs menu
    * (1.09 Beta 30b HUD) Fixed crashing issue in ipoker with hud when you leave a table
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) iPoker: Fixed support for Bet365 and William Hill poker
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) PartyPoker: Scanner will open a table when trying to join while an empty seat is available.
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) Added ability to add/remove all selected players from the bottom panel to the buddy / friends / regular list.
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) Right click the playerselection and choose from the popup...
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) Added ability to edit the playerrating in more detail.
    * (1.09 Beta 30b SCANNER) See the "star" icon at the bottom of the scanner.

    * (1.09 Beta 32 HUD) Fix for the freezing problems
    * (1.09 Beta 32 HUD) Party MTT tables detected.
    * (1.09 Beta 32 HUD) Avg PFR is color-coded properly
    * (1.09 Beta 32 HUD) Auto-rated icons are not saved if you write a note. If you change the icon in the note window, it will be saved and autorate will not change it.
    * (1.09 Beta 32 LEAK BUSTER) New scoring algorithms added, and graphing features as well.
    * (1.09 Beta 32 BUG) Fixed Cake importing issue when they use various types of decimal point values within the same hand
    * (1.09 Beta 32 NEW) Holdem Manager will now use a different ID in the ongame hand history files to denote the tourney ID and this should solve the issue where tourneys were appearing in the data view more than one time
    * (1.09 Beta 32 BUG) Corrected Stars Hyper Turbo payouts

    * (1.09 Beta 32a HUD) Fixed Party Poker No DP table finding issue
    * (1.09 Beta 32a LEAK BUSTER) Fixed problem loading stats

    * (1.09 Beta 33 NEW) Added support for ipoker tables using pounds as the currency
    * (1.09 Beta 33 NEW) Made change to deal with Nordic's poker hand history change
    * (1.09 Beta 33 BUG) Fixed issue importing Ongame tourney hands where the identifier prefix letter is "O" or "R"
    * (1.09 Beta 33 NEW) All Pacific / Cassava hands now have player names importing in lower case. This is to stop people from altering the way they login using different capital / lower case letters to avoid being tracked.
    * (1.09 Beta 33 HUD) fixes an I-poker problem with tournaments once they get to ante. Previously the table manager got confused.

    * (1.09 Beta 34 HUD) Should be a fix for the lag issues experienced in recent builds by some people
    * (1.09 Beta 34 BUG) Fixes autorate rules with "steal att"
    * (1.09 Beta 34 NEW) Stars Hyper Turbo's with $54-$55 buyins now use the 1st and 2nd get paid 3x buyin when calculating EV
    * (1.09 Beta 34 NEW) Made some File IO changes to try and stop file locking by HM that a few people experienced

    * (1.09 Beta 35 SCANNER) Added server side scan for iPoker and PartyPoker
    * (1.09 Beta 35 SCANNER) Added ability to edit and view all player ratings
    * (1.09 Beta 35 SCANNER) Fix for latest Unibet update
    * (1.09 Beta 35 BUG) default wouldnt export because you couldnt select any of the selection checkboxes

    * (1.09 Beta 36 BUG) fixed autorate issue from beta 35. You may need to enable auto rate through the Options - Auto Rate menu
    * (1.09 Beta 36 BUG) if you set an Omaha holecard filter then using the "Clear Filter" option will not actually clear this filter
    * (1.09 Beta 36 BUG) fixed issue where rakeback and bonus import / exports would not work for people using non mm/dd/yyyy date time regional settings
    * (1.09 Beta 36 BUG) if you remove the "BBs Won" column from the hand view columns it would not use the red / green coloring for winning and losing hands
    * (1.09 Beta 36 BUG) Export to CSV in the hand grid now works for Omaha. Previously only 3 of your hole cards would export
    * (1.09 Beta 36 NEW) Added stats for new Stars VPP calculation and new Stars VPP per hand
    * (1.09 Beta 36 NEW) Leak Buster uses new licensing software which will make things easier for people moving forward however you will need to request a new key. When you click on the tab it will provide instructions
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed piggs peak poker
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed green joker poker
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed titan poker
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed poker ocean
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed william hill poker
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed a bug with #shortstacks
    * (1.09 Beta 36 SCANNER) fixed pokerstars client scan "wrong playerlist"-bug

    * (1.09 Beta 38 BUG) If you mouse over the winnings graph it shows results in $'s even if you have selected big blinds or big bets. This is fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 38 BUG) Fixed issue with GBP ipoker hands all failing to import on some computers depending on regional settings
    * (1.09 Beta 38 BUG) Winning a party 6 max turbo with 3.6x buyin payout (instead of normal 3.9x) will now record the proper winnings
    * (1.09 Beta 38 LEAK BUSTER) Made some additional changes to the licensing piece. If you received a new PRO/STD code for LeakBuster in the last few days you will be getting a new code
    * (1.09 Beta 38 HUD) Modified windows file version for hud to try an ensure some anti virus programs don't have an issue with it

    * (1.09 Beta 40 NEW) Switched compilation methods to avoid issues some people were having with certain anti virus programs and it should also clear up a few other issues related to permissions
    * (1.09 Beta 40 BUG) Fixed numerous changes Party made to emailed hand histories

    * (1.09 Beta 41 BUG) Fish list report in players tab would not filter results by site if you selected a specific site
    * (1.09 Beta 41 BUG) Changed Everest tourney import to try and determine finish position automatically since the actual finish position seems to be saved a few seconds after the hand is imported causing it to be missed when using auto import
    * (1.09 Beta 41 BUG) Fixed additional Party emailed hand histories to factor in one other change they made
    * (1.09 Beta 41 NEW) Added support for Pacific Poker Omaha hand histories which will be saved as hand histories in a poker client update coming shortly
    * (1.09 Beta 41 BUG) Fixed some registration issues a few people had

    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Cake hands with the text "Pro Table" at top were failing to import. This is fixed
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Cake hands where stack sizes used a 1.000 notation to equal $1000 and 60,00 notation when a player won $60 now import ok
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Cake hands where stack sizes switch between various decimal notation should now import ok
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Cake hands where time format looks like 20.01.28 now import correctly
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Fixed Cake issue where multiple hands would be corruped in the hand history and saved under the same hand # and this could potentially cause a crash within the HmImport app.
    * (1.09 Beta 42 NEW) Party Poker Double or Nothing tourneys will register the winners once the 6th place man is knocked out (or 4th place in a 6 man)
    * (1.09 Beta 42 NEW) Correctly identifies Stars 4 man hands
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) Fixed issue with ipoker GBP hands in certain locales
    * (1.09 Beta 42 BUG) HM was calling the Stars 2000 chip HU tourneys 3 man tourneys in the tourney data view
    * (1.09 Beta 42 NEW) Added support for FTP run it twice. Only the first runs cards are recorded but the win amounts will be correct
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for centrebet support
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for noble poker
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for boyle poker
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for uncover poker
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for betfriends
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Fix for blue square
    * (1.09 Beta 42 SCANNER) Added Gamebookers support (party skin)

    * (1.09 Beta 43 NEW) FTP Tourney summaries where entries into a new tourney are awarded are now calculated correctly for the winners
    * (1.09 Beta 43 NEW) Added support for Stars mixed Pot Limit tourneys
    * (1.09 Beta 43 BUG) Everest tourneys where there are ante's and a player limps preflop would register as a preflop raise
    * (1.09 Beta 43 BUG) When you export bonus plans that have a "," it gets changed to "|" when you reimport the bonuses
    * (1.09 Beta 43 BUG) Fixed Cake hands where stack sizes / bet sizes look like "1 500" for 1500 but where the space is actually a non-space character that looks like a space.
    * (1.09 Beta 43 NEW) Added support for Entraction Omaha Hi/Lo hands
    * (1.09 Beta 43 NEW) Check for Kaspersky and display warning to user to change settings within KAV
    Last edited by fozzy71; 09-29-2009 at 01:32 PM. Reason: beta 35

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    Beta 8 Released

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    Beta 9 Released

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    Beta 10 released

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    Beta 11

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    Beta 12

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