Virus with Holdem Manager
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    Default Virus with Holdem Manager


    Today when i open HM, my antivirus detect a trojan (JS:Redirector-H7).
    I have tried with my second PC, same problem...

    Problem detected with Avast

    I have a good licence HM.

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    Exactly the same problem with Avast.

    Is there any risk or avast is crazy?

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    Seems like HEM site has been attacked by someone. Hopefully we get some responses to this soon.

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    It would be nice if a HM boss could confirm us something.

    Can we use HM today, or play without it?

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    Obviously HM isnt a virus but what happens occassionaly is some antiviruses can mistake it for a virus because it needs to use the internet for verification purposes occassionaly.

    However i have seen where some viruses replace the .exe files with their maliicous code and when you run it you think your running HM or another application but your activating the virus but when ive seen this virus it does this to every .exe on your system so you should have tons.

    Can you follow these instructions:

    1) Make a backup of your C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config folder
    2) Uninstall HM via the Control Panel
    3) Go to Program Files and delete the RVG Software directory, or the equivalent for Vista
    4) Reboot your computer
    5) Install the complete setup of HM:
    7) Download the latest patch HM:
    9) Close down Holdem Manager and copy the config folder from step 1 and copy and overwrite it to your C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config folder
    10) Run your antivirus

    If your seeing the virus straight away then its most likely a false positive especially if this is the only file that shows up as i mentioned they usually attach to lots of .exe files

    Id also recommend checking with your antivirus provider to verify the type of virus and the possibility that its a false positive.

    Roy will confirm in the following thread
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