Any way to remove players from the database?
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    Default Any way to remove players from the database?


    I have a large number of players in my database coming from observed hands. A lot of them are players on sites I do not play at anymore. I have purged the hands that were played on these sites but it did not delete the players who played these hands (players tab on Holdem Manager), which makes queries in this tab pretty slow.

    Is there a way to delete players from the database (for example, delete all players of Full Tilt, or all NL 50 players)?

    If it is not possible, it may be a good idea to implement an option to do this since it would keep the size of the database smaller.

    Thank you.

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    Yeah we need to add a recache option which is on the to do list, in the meantime the only way is to export all the hands, create a new database and reimport the hands and it will delete them
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