How to sync HEM1 and HEM2
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    Default How to sync HEM1 and HEM2

    I got my beta code today but before i get going I had a question about syncing. With HEM2 still being in beta i'm going to assume it will have certain bugs and may not be 100% reliable as far importing all hands and whatnot.

    My question is how best to go about making sure both HEM 1 and 2 import all my played hands and mined hands whether that be with using 2 separate databases or just one.


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    Please see the video here for instructions on how to synch your databases:


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    That won't do 1 to 2.

    You can choose not to archive in the auto import folders in hand importing.

    You can import from both while playing - see FAQ post 7 to run both at the same time.

    You can import in 1 from your c:\hmarchive folder after you're done playing in 2

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