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    Default Auto import crash

    I tried scanning the forum, but couldn't find this problem anywhere. When I start autoimport, it imports untill there is "one hand missing", and then my comps start to freeze. What's happening is that HM is eating all my memory; when i open the task manager (which can take minutes when it's at this stage), I can see that HM is using up and more than 1GB of memory.

    When I import without auto import it works fine. And even with auto import, it still import the hands. It's like it loops when it ends the import, and starts eating all the memory. I tried changing my processed dir for my old HHs - it didnt matter. Seemingly the same can be said if i remove "include sub-folders" but not 100% about this.

    I normally use FPHG, but even without it active, HM still crashes.

    Hope someone knows what the problem might be

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    Can you email me the hands your trying to import to and also your holdemmanager.config file from C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config folder and link to this thread
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    I emailed you the files you needed. Furthermore, I located the problem to be strictly connected to party poker, and the party handhistories directory. If i remove that dir, and only import hands form Pacific Poker, there is no problem. But if i start auto import with only party poker added, then it keeps crashing, even if there are no files to import to start with.

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