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    Ive been playing around with with HEM2 trying to get used to things and started messing with my HUD and the popups. Custom popups were a big thing for me in HEM but for the life in me i cant figure out how to assign a popup to a stat unless im missing something really obvious. Ive done a search and cant find anything. So any help would be appreciated.

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    in the stat appearance tab there's a drop down right under the font button

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    Thanks for that, right in front of my eyes.

    Just playing around with making some custom popups and one thing im finding is that if i want to adjust groups of text i have to do them individually rather than selecting them as a group. Not sure if this is possible but it would be good to be able to hold down the left mouse button to select multiple boxes. Not sure how everyone else is finding it but the shading thing is feeling a bit hit and miss and a bit clumsy. Maybe i just havnt got the hang of it just yet.

    Another thing that would be pretty cool which always bugged me in HEM was the inability to seperate boxes, i mean by adding vertical, horizontal lines etc, i know the shading thing is probably for that reason but i think that would be a pretty cool option.

    Just thought of something else but the ability to resize the editing box would be good so we can see all of the box instead of having to use the scroller.
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