[BUG] Error grabbing currency rates (which causes all graphs to bug)
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    Default [BUG] Error grabbing currency rates (which causes all graphs to bug)

    I can't grab currency rates when I try to do it through HM2. I get an error message saying "Error retrieving exchange rates." It wouldn't be all that bad, but whenever you try and fail to grab currency-rates, all currency-rates will automatically go down to "0" instead of keeping their old values. This causes ALL my graphs in HM2 to be unable to load.

    My suggestions would be:

    1. If you try to update your currency rates and they fail, the values of all currencies shouldn't drop to "0", but rather keep their old values.

    2. Make a fix so that you can load the graphs even if you haven't got any proper currency rates (by giving all currencies a "1" value in comparison to the dollar for example).

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    what version are you using? You can try this version and see if the problem persists:


    You Might have an older version and the bug might be fixed since

    I tried the same thing but could not replicate the bug.


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