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    Default Please improve my successful HUD

    Hello guys,

    At the moment I am on 0.1/0.2, 6 tables at Winner Poker (Ipoker) about 6 hours per day.
    16K hands, TAG tagged by HM2.

    i.e. I am beginner and thats why any help and advice on the current stats will be enormous help for me!

    The current hud stats are doing great job but I can see that some of them are not quite useful and I should swap them with something else so they will work all together, if you got my drift. For example I had to remove Fold to 4Bet, because I was thinking this is vs hero 3Bet / 4Bet / Fold and just found out its not.

    Line One:
    Hands / VPIP / PRF / AG

    Line Two:
    TOT 3Bet / TOT3Bet Success% / TOT Fold to 4Bet

    Line Three:
    Flop Cbet / Turn Cbet / WonSD%

    Line Four:
    Flop Fold to CB / Turn fold to CB / TOT Fold to 3Bet / WTSD%

    Please share your opinions as I am considering to move to 0.2/0.4 where there is plenty of players with hand history and I am craving to exploit them

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