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    HEM2 Problem on new PC ( New download)


    Image attached
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    Note Caddy Updater Problem

    Current NoteCaddy Premium Version:

    This keeps popping up:

    I keep getting update requests even after I Update.

    My HM2 is V:
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    BitCoin to purchase NoteCaddy Premium

    How can i do this?

    Once I add it to cart to purchase I don't get Bitcoin as a payment option.

    Please help.

  4. I will probably have to buy PT3/4, if you guys...

    I will probably have to buy PT3/4, if you guys don't support this soon, I don't wanna waste money on a software that doesn't support PlayMoney games since I am Wagering real $$ on it even if its play...
  5. Home Game Play Money Support?? Come on PT3 has it.... U guys should also..

    PokerTracker 3 Adds Play Money Support

    Please Add it, if you can't compete in the play money division for US pokerstars players how can u compete with PT3 they would have monopoly over you in...
  6. HEM2) HuD not showing up on PokerStars, HomeGame Play Money Tables.

    So we have some mates, and since we are IRL mates, we play PlayMoney Ring games,but with Real Money Value to pay each other when we see one another IRL. Its so confusing playing without a HUD, is...
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