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  1. The hud is not visible in certain Winamax tournaments

    Apathetically everything works correctly in Winamax, except when opening tournaments such as "Guerrilla" or "Popcorn", in which the hud does not work, however in the rest of the tournaments...
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    Here's a fresh screenshot of the new software...

    Here's a fresh screenshot of the new software table and the new app lobby. As you will see, it has nothing to do with the old winamax application.
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    Error new software Winamax

    As you can see in the screenshot that I have attached, it is not the latest update of winamax, it is a completely new software that is already available through the room's website and that for the...
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    ERROR in new Winamax software

    It is already available for download in new Winamax software and does not work on HM3. It does not detect the tables nor does it matter the hands nor does the hud come out on the tables.
    This is the...
  5. I do not have a particular problem with this type...

    I do not have a particular problem with this type of tables, all users of .es who use HM3 have it since it is not prepared for 7-player tables and therefore you cannot choose your favorite seat and...
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  7. HM3 does not work in tournaments 7max ko is expanding its tournament lobby and has incorporated ko 7max tournaments. Currently HM has no setup for 7max tournaments. Are you going to update the program to include them at some...
  8. Holdem Manager 3 does not add bountys to tournament winnings ko

    It works correctly adding the prizes, but it does not add the bountys won. How do I configure it?

    Thank you and sorry for my English
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