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  1. You're awesome. Thanks.

    You're awesome. Thanks.
  2. Filter for BB vs BTN heads up with everyone else fold and BTN first to raise

    I only play 6-max. I want to filter for HU between BB and BTN where BTN raises first, BB cold calls, and all other players fold.

    This is what I have but it shows a third player who called the bet....
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    HUD Fold to Preflop Bet

    Hi there... is there any way to get a HUD view when the villain folds to certain bet percentages? For example, if I raise x3 the BB, does he fold or call? What if I raise 4X? What if I go all-in?
  4. Stakes reported incorrectly (Merge - Carbon)

    Stakes are being incorrectly reported.

    Three different times I've had $1.10 listed as $11, and I even have a tournament that was for a $33 coupon on Carbon that the buyin was $1.10 yet HM2 listed...
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