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    How to uninstall HM3 fully (everything )

    I have issues with my Hud, I wanna uninstall HM3 und reinstall it again, to start with blank HM3.
    Everytime I do this, everything is there, the databases, the huds, the notecaddy definitions,...
  2. I tried your suggestions, nothing worked. I have...

    I tried your suggestions, nothing worked.
    I have only 20k hands in my Database.

    Do you have any other sulotion for me (I pay a lot of money for HM3 and my hud doesn't work)?

    Thank you for...
  3. Only my Hud has over 100 statistics, with over...

    Only my Hud has over 100 statistics, with over 100 popups and about 2600 (all Notecaddy stats) stats in it.
    Also I would love to work with huge databases, 1million to 8 million hands per Database. ...
  4. Hud takes about 5-6 hands to load on all tables. How can I solve this.

    Currently my Hud is not shown at the tables until I play 5-6 hands.
    After this long time, the hud immediately appears on all tables.
    I have a huge Hud with over 100 Stats, mixed HMStats with...
  5. I have issues with this, is this Bug already...

    I have issues with this, is this Bug already solved?
  6. How can I add the Notecaddy Heatmaps and Scatters to the Popups in HM3

    In HM2 there was under "Hud Settings" the Tab called "Notecaddy Popups".
    There I could add Notecaddy Notes like Heatmaps and Caddy Scatter right under the Popup.

    Where can I find this in HM3? ...
  7. I can't open the App Notecaddy: When I click to "APPS", there is "Disable Notecaddy"

    I don't understand it. Since today I can't open Notecaddy any more.
    When I click to "APPS" in HM3 (v3.1.21.0), there are only the options "Disable Notecaddy" and "Get HM3 Apps..."

    Can you please...
  8. How will HM3 work with Apps. Can I install it on Emulators like LDplayer or Nox.

    Hello support, I have some questions according HM3 and Apps.

    A) How will HM3 work with Apps. Can I install it on Emulators like LDplayer or Nox?
    B) If I play on mulitple Emulators at the same...
  9. I want to pay an Expert who helps me to get my Notecaddy Hud from HM2 to HM3

    Hello :-)

    I tried to move my Hud with overall 2600 Notecaddy Definitions from HM2 to HM3 since some month,
    but I have issues, no Notecaddy Definitions are calculated and shown at all.
    I want...
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    Hero Bluffs River, Success Percentage?

    Is it possible to create a Notecaddy Definition, which shows the Percentage when Hero Bluffs (has Air or Nothing), the oppenents will fold.
    I want to look at this as a kind of Population Tendency...
  11. Is there a way to access simple data generated by Notecaddy

    One of my Notecaddy Definitions called FoldToCbet_OOP has an average of 49, Total Opportunities 79951/ Total Instances 39485
    Can I get this Population Tendency data either with some A) Database...
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    Does Caddy Clock work for Ipoker?

    I tried to get Caddy Clock to work. I only play Ipoker. Does anybody know if this great Feature still works for Ipoker?

    Thank so much Andreas
  13. My PC has 32GB RAM, what shall I add in postgressql.conf in order to perform best

    Alan Jackson writes in his pdf for optimal Notecaddy Performance to change this line
    in postgressql.conf:
    effective_cache_size = 4GB RAM_ 2048JM 8GB RAM: 4096MB 16GB RAM:8192MB

  14. I want to install the older HM Version: Where to download?

    I want to intall the Version
    Where can I download this version.

    It works on my Laptop fine, and I wanna install the same version on my Desktop PC.

    thanks so much Andreas
  15. I can't see the Potszie any more when I hover over the Points in NC after Update

    Normally when I hover over the Points on Caddy Scadder, in Notecaddy I can
    see immediatley that its 0,33 Potsize Flop. Since the Update I can't see it, and have to do
    it in my brain while...
  16. I can't open the Replay any more (After importing hands)

    I bouht hand histories for Ipoker from HHDealer and imported them.
    Know I wanted to click through some imported hands, so that I can figure out how the players play there.

    I go the Hands in the...
  17. On it stays on "waiting for hands", although it imports the hands correctly


    I have one issue on
    The hand import works, but the Hud stays on "waiting for hands".

    I need help, thank you so much
  18. What are the best Settings for fast Note Creation? Need help

    Currently I have a Database with 1 Million hands. I have about 1400 Notecaddy Definitions. After resetting the notes, and start creating new ones, alway after some time the Notes creation gets lower...
  19. Is there a way to import the Hands I already...

    Is there a way to import the Hands I already played with Hand2Note and Import them into Holdem manager?
  20. Is it possible to use H2Note to track Hand Histories and HM2 to show the Hud from thi doesn't work with HM2 without Converter (I don't wanna use the Kingshands Converter). But H2Note does. But I love Holdem Manager much more... and would love to use H2Note to track the...
  21. Hello - when I play Lottomatica (Boss Media [Italy]) - The Caddy Scatter Graphs don't

    I played a lot of Hands on Lottomatica, the Notecaddy Stats work there, without using any Converter.
    I even can use Stats for different Board Textures.

    But there are no Caddy Scatter Graphs, ...
  22. Is it possible to track hands If I am no only on the table, I only open it and watch

    I want to have more hands where I play, especially on the higher limits. Can I just open them, and get them tracked? Is this possible?

    Thanks so much Andreas
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    Does Caddy Clock work for Merge Poker?

    I play on Merge Poker, and would love to use Caddy Clock :-) Does this work there?
  24. Hello i have a big Problem with the Hud Positions on Pokerstars


    I want't to use Holdem Manager on Pokerstars. I have tried everything, the positions of the players from the hud, aren't correct. Everytime i set the correct Position on one table, the...
  25. HM Sync, we are a group of Players is it possible to share our Database all together

    We are a group of about 10 Players playing the same site.
    We want to share our hands.
    Is it possible that we all use the same Database with HM Sync?

    thanks lg Andi
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