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  1. HM2 not tracking pokerstars results correctly

    Hello my HM2 does not display tournaments results correctly in Reports Tab. It shows that I won couple of tournaments but i was not even close. Instead of 3-4$ profits, it displays huge wins. Any...
  2. works great. thanks again.

    works great. thanks again.
  3. thanks guys

    thanks guys
  4. Thread: party update

    by ognjen89

    also same here. The hands are importing. I can...

    also same here. The hands are importing. I can see them in Active Session but there is no HUD. I play fast forward tables.
  5. HUD not working on fast forward tables at partpoker after update

    Pls help HM2 hud is not working at the partypoker fast forward tables after new update of their software. It worked like a charm yesterday.
  6. HM2 hud not working after partypoker update (fastforward games)

    After today's partypoker update, my HM2 hud is not working anymore on fastforward tables on the site. PLS help i need it so much :((
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