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  1. Can't tell if it was supposed to be fixed in the...

    Can't tell if it was supposed to be fixed in the latest release but it is still broken. What is the timeline to fix a "high priority" bug as it has been 4 months since I provided all the requested...
  2. Any update to this bug?

    Any progress on a fix? It has been quite a while.
  3. Yes, I'd like to be able put them in any order...

    Yes, I'd like to be able put them in any order (not just alphabetical or in order created).
  4. Would be nice to be able to reorder hand markings in pulldown.

    It would be nice if there was a way to reorder hand markings (in addition to adding or editing hand markings) in the pulldown.
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    Could be, I originally thought it was from taking notes, but then noticed the issue about changing players (which I was doing at the same time) and assumed that was the sole cause. Just going from...
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    It was after I was switching players (I...

    It was after I was switching players (I subsequently reported that issue). Saving notes was a red herring.
  7. Ticket number is T567928

    Ticket number is T567928
  8. Filed the bug today.

    Filed the bug today.
  9. Issue still remains after trying suggestions (reset to default hud, clearing filters)

    It turns out that I did have non-default hud settings. But when I deleted them, the hud would still reset.

    I moved the hud files back to the original directory. I then cleared filters I had...
  10. a) This is not a custom HUD. It was with...

    a) This is not a custom HUD. It was with default hud. I'm playing on Ignition. I was viewing Live Play, though I don't think it matters. I'll keep an eye on it but for the time being I might...
  11. HUD resets stats for other players if I select another player in Live view

    I'm using v If I change view from "hero" to another player (in main HM3 window) from my table, all stats reset except for my own in the HUD. However if I select the desired player in the...
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    Hud reset with v3.1.14.0 (after saving player note)

    It could be coincidence, but I've had HUD reset twice after saving a player note.
  13. Thread: HM3 wont start

    by Lurker

    just happened to me also after latest windows 10 update

    I just updated latest windows 10 release and now it won't start. Windows 10 home version 20H2, build 19042.630
  14. Spoke too soon

    Still acting flaky. Just got back from out of town, will try to look more into this.
  15. I'm not sure what happened, but it started working

    Nothing was in the tray, but it somehow started working!
  16. Hand grabber 1.0.19 not working for me

    I see that the new grabber is selected in HM3. Hand grabber now says it is logging hands and detecting tables, but I don't see update in live view and hud is not displaying. It looks like some...
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    still broken in v3.1.13.0 (hud reset issue)

    I thought I saw in release notes HUD reset issue was fixed. I'm still seeing resets with V3.1.13.0 on Ignition.
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    Hud resetting stats issue back again on Beta V

    My HUD stats had been stable for a while, but when I updated to the latest version I have seen hud stats resetting again. Actually, it's worse than it was before as it appeared that once...
  19. NoteCaddy Still hogging CPU, causing thermal issues.

    I did the above, but still have to disable NoteCaddy as my CPU is pegged at 100% when enabled and this is causing thermal issues.
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    My drive has been filling up due to log files.

    My hard drive kept filling up with log files...I presume from crashes. Was previous Beta release, waiting for it to happen on V.
  21. Note caddy fatal errors (not terminating process) + HM3 log files filling up drive

    I get fatal errors when exiting HM3, have let error files be sent per prompt numerous times. I notice in task manager when this happens the NoteCaddy process and HoldemManager.Server do not...
  22. tried deleting the files, still does not work.

    I tried deleting the files, NC still does not work. I also added the HUD options, to no avail. I don't think the notes are showing up in the replayer either. I haven't checked if it is not working...
  23. I tried the above, it still does not work.

    I tried the above, it still does not work.
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    Number of hands played getting reset during ignition setting

    I'm noticing stats getting reset after a new player joins the table on Ignition. Say Player 1 shows 50 hands played so far and a new player joins (Player 2, let's say). After a few hands for a hand...
  25. never mind, I found the answer below.

    I didn't see the answer in a previous post when I searched. Hopefully tags during game play aren't erased, I will see.
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