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    getting hold em manager on this computer

    i had hold em manager on my last computer but it got messed up and now i have another computer and am looking to get HE manager on here. I heard i get 2 computers to put hold em on so this should be...
  2. Filtering graphs by preflop actions for cash games,

    Those actions consist of every type of betting pattern inside the preflop actions category. If understood correctly and...
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    river call efficieny

    river call efficiency
    river call eff$
    and river call win%

    how do i intepret what thee mean? what does river call eff mean? both % and $

    I was also wondering if i can post a graph here for...
  4. Thread: EV

    by slowyaroll


    how is the EV measured? for instance i am 25 buy ins below EV. But do not know how much weight to give to this statistic since i do not know how it is calculated nor what it calculates. I know EV is...
  5. sorry for the misunderstanding but this doesnt...

    sorry for the misunderstanding but this doesnt make sense to me or helpes clarify.

    If someone has a range of a 100% and 3bets 5% thats 5% f hands? huh?

    what is the range of a 100%? was it vpip?...
  6. thanks. Yeah i raise first is when itos folded to...

    thanks. Yeah i raise first is when itos folded to you and you raise. I am familiar with that. Im talking about VPIP, PFR, 3 betting. If someone is vpip 50% of hands from the button but only pfr 25%...
  7. thanks mike chops. Yeah thats what i figured....

    thanks mike chops. Yeah thats what i figured. That i would have to multiply each together to update the opponents new range. But sometimes its confusing because if he vpip 30%, pfr 50%, and 3bets...
  8. how to really interpret the HUD using bayesian inference

    The HUD is great dont get me wrong. Its just hard to interpret..correctly. I have read the FAQs and the manaual but it still isnt really clarifying HOW you interpret the HUD

    For example

    if the...
  9. interpreting the HUD correctly using bayesian

    wrong thread my fault im new. haha poor excuse
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