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  1. Hero HUD - Only shows stats from current session


    I'd like to be able to see my hero HUD stats for the last x hands/days/lifetime. Currently I can only see the hero stats for the current session. I checked HUD>HUD Options>Stats and this is...
  2. HM3 view/client freezing during zoom play

    Checking the hand replayer (viewer) during zoom play can cause the viewer and client to freeze, sometimes for minutes at a time. Seems to happen more when I am playing more zoom tables (4 at one...
  3. Thread: Stat request

    by gmonster

    Stat request


    Would it be possible to add the following stats?

    - Flop Cbet Single Rsd Pot IP vs 1 Opp
    - Flop Cbet Single Rsd Pot OOP vs 1 Opp

    The closest thing currently in HM3 is the above stat but...
  4. It's fixed. The problem was the Table Averages...

    It's fixed. The problem was the Table Averages group for my regular table layout had somehow got dragged so far off the table that it was no longer on my monitor. Thanks for your help anyway Fozzy
  5. Pokerstars History HUD not showing on regular tables

    The "history" part of the HUD is not showing when I play regular tables on Stars, making it not possible to review hands quickly. It always appears when I play Zoom. Not sure how to make it appear. ...
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    Thank you for the detailed reply. Good to know...

    Thank you for the detailed reply. Good to know it's on your radar
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    Thanks very much for the detailed reply! I...

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply!

    I will proceed to direct my malice at pokerstars and not HM.
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    HH viewer by table?

    In HM2 there was a perfect system where the HHs for each table I'm playing would be in a different HH viewer to eachother. In HM3, the default option (or the only option I can find) is that all the...
  9. Zoom HUD sometimes does not update to the new players


    Playing Zoom after just upgrading to HM3... I notice that every now and again the HUD lags behind and doesn't update to the new players when I get dealt a new hand, meaning that I have no...
  10. Stuck "Waiting for hands" at certain Zoom stakes

    At stakes of PL10 and above on Zoom the HUD does not work, but just says "waiting for hands...". At lower stakes zoom it works fine. I have two tables open at the same time... the PL5 table has...
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