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  1. Thread: win rate

    by CatfishTPA

    win rate

    Does Leakbuster use actual winnings or winrates into account when calculating the grades, or does it base the grading from A-F solely on stats and game analysis?
  2. right, same here, Pokerstars. I have a support...

    right, same here, Pokerstars. I have a support ticket about this as well. # 380898.
    The filter function that pops up after clicking "Run analysis" also seems to be not working correctly. After...
  3. LB using hands from Spin and Gos, filters not

    I am considering buying the full version of LB. When I use the trial version, I see an issue, not sure whether they are due to the fact that I am using the free software.

    When I import all hands...
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