1.11.05 Official Release
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    Exclamation 1.11.05 Official Release



    • Added PGTune & Backup Restore update fixing a few bugs.
    • Switched FTP rake to new method. Rake after OCT 1 will be the new method.
    • Working on a way to switch between dealt and contributed but this isn't
      fully working yet.
    • Rush tourneys short handed have a fix.
    • Fixed Table Scanner after latest FTP update.
    • Fixed Table Scanner players attached to wrong tables when a empty table is scanned
    • Fixed Table Scanner Settings/Behavior/List options not saving correctly
    • Fixed PKR tourney hand import errors after PKR update.
    • ed Cake hands not importing
    • Fixed Victory/Cake rake calculation error
    • Fixed Cake import errors due to short hero screen names
    • Added config variable for PT 1 click. This is for people with a
      non-standard PT install wishing to use the PT 1 click feature.
    • Added support for Stars new 20bb CAP tables. Fixed
    • Fixed Ongame DON's not importable after last update
    • Added FTP.fr Rush table support
    • Reverted bad rush short handed fix.
    • Added 72 character note width.
    • Increased HUD stat limit to 128
    • Fixed PokerStars.fr first place finish showing up as zero
    • Fixed winnings in euros on Stars
    • Bodog hand grabber update. Still waiting on Parsing but Bodog should be
      fully functional soon without any 3rd party hand grabbers.
    • Added PT 1 Click to File menu. PT 1 Click allows you to import your PT
      database into Holdem Manager
    • Fixed Table Scanner insta scan wrong stack sizes returned on Stars.
    • Fixed Table Scanner Join button for Stars
    • Fixed Player VS Player filter so it applies the filters to the query
    • Fixed saving of Observerd HH settings
    • Fixed PKR not importing certain SNG files
    • Fixed Table Scanner not scanning tables after Stars update
    • PLO 5 MAX tested and they are not stealing focus in our current builds
    • Modified Winamax parser to support tourney hands
    • Fixed PLO hand import errors due to faulty If () check that didn't work.
    • Made positions still read from HH when money won cannot be obtained from HH file.
    • Updated rakeback link to use .com and not.net
    • Fixed scrolling issues in Options/Settings/Rakeback & Bonuses
    • FTP Rush FT is treated as normal table for HUD positions now.
    • Ongame mucked card URL lookup added back in.
    • Added more checks for 4 man HU on Stars
    • Fixed Stars Satelite tourney winning strings
    • Cerius emailed hh fix
    • FTP Prefetch fixed
    • Another Winamax update for HH format. We've been told by Winamax another update is coming along with tourney summary information.
    • Winamax updated HH format and we've put in a fix for this
    • Bodog checkin for auto Hand Grabber. (currently broken)
    • New tourney filters. (currently broken)
    • HMHud.exe crash checkin to fix HUD lagging and crashing
    • Winamax 5MAX preferred seating fix
    • Rush Update fixing 6 max tabels showing "empty" for a couple seats
    • Winamax Update for errors in hands since last update
    • Ongame BB being treated as SB when SB is missing
    • iPoker import error with downloaded hands fix
    • Fixed Party Omaha hands imported as Holdem
    • Winamax update for new HH format caused by client update
    • Winamax update for preferred seating
    • Winamax update for tourney HUD
    • Winamax update to detect SNG tourneys
    • Fixed import errors on Party hands
    • Fixed Bodog SNG's getting merged
    • Fixed Everest MTT's not importing due to winnings line
    • Fixed Stars import errors due to invalid character and mixed games
    • Update for Rush short handed tourneys.
    • Winamax update to solve table names with special character issue causing HUD to not work.
    • Winamax update to solve current HH not importing.
    • Ongame Mucked Cards. Fix for when mucked cards are in HH, but not in HM.
    • Fixed Prima Hi/Lo hands that import as Omaha Hi.
    • Update for HUD to detect Winamax tables.
    • (Beta 2) Added Winamax Support - HH's have inconsistencies that we're
      working with Winamax on. 97%+ of hands do import correctly but there's a
      few remaining issues.
    • Fixed Stars 9-MAX hyper Turbo Payouts
    • Fixed Stars Table Focus issue caused by new update
    • Fixed Everest importing stakes wrong because of PC regional settings
    • Fixed Rush Sit out and rejoin
    • Fixed iPoker HU HUD
    • Fixed Pacific SNG/MTT HUD

    Link to older releases: FAQ - Hold'em Manager Poker Tracking Software :: Download Links For Past Builds
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    Default 1.11.05a


    • Fixed Ongame freeze when opening and closing multiple tables.
    • Added a Rush check to solve no rush hud for some users.
    • Fixed currency id error when loading Net Won type stats to tourney reports.
    • Fixed wrong winnings in Pokerstars 4 man shootout SNG's
    • Added LeakBuster 3.0
    • New non-flash video player for LB
    • Fixed FTP import error on hands where bet amounts don't match winning amount in HH
    • Added 5-bet stats to reports
    • Fixed FTP import error when rake is a negative value in HH file
    • Fixed FTP import error due to HH showing 5 active players but 3 people folded
    • More Rush tourney fixes.
    • Fixed PKR import error problem.
    • Bodog Cash fix for HM hand grabber.
    • Table Scanner Stars & Prima update.

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    Default 1.11.05b

    1.11.05b Updates:

    • Fixed Stars .it update that changed HH format
    • Fixed Ongame Speed Tables
    • Fixed get currency lookup
    • Fixed iPoker/Party PLO 8 SNG's detected as PLHE
    • Fixed Party no winnings and buyin detection
    • Fixed Entraction SNG Structure changes
    • Fixed UB Summary issues
    • Fixed Cereus Tourney HH ignored
    • Fixed Stars time in Summary offset
    • Fixed missing buyin and wroing 1st place winnings in Party
    • Fixed Merge wrong winnings from recent client update
    • Fixed Merge wrong winnings for OOP/Dead Blinds
    • Fixed Pacific table focus

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    Default 1.11.05c


    • Fixed taskbar overlay tab being added for every table open.
    • Fixed Stars HH imported as errors due to (**) in the player name.
    • Fixed tourney filter not saving "between" BB info
    • Fixed Replayer antes being removed from bets
    • Fixed auto currency look-up (Not in official build notes, but fixed.)
    • SNGW updates

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    Default 1.11.05d

    • Fixed Ongame no HUD on 4 letter tables
    • Fixed FTP import error on a hand
    • Fixed Table Scanner cannot detect lobby for Micrograming skin Diamondbet
    • Fixed Table Scanner clearing stakes in Party lobby
    • Fixed Table Scanner issues with popups and auto scan.
    • Fixed Table Scanner opening tables on Paddypower instead of joining them
    • Fixed Table Scanner font issue where it caused some text to not be readable.
    • Fixed Table Scanner adding you to the wait list when you were never added.
    • Fixed Table Scanner insta-scan not returning shallow tables on FTP
    • Fixed Table Scanner insta-scan on tilt where results are not consistent.
    • Fixed Party wrong winnings on emailed hands
    • Fixed Party import error on emailed hands
    • Fixed Party unknown buyin on emailed hands
    • Fixed UB HU tourney hands not recording correctly
    • Fixed Cerius PL08 hands detected as Holdem
    • Fixed Stars CAP import error
    • Fixed iPoker.it import errors
    • Fixed Winamax SNG import errors
    • Fixed Party Poker DON's wrong rake and winnings

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    Default 1.11.05e

    • Added new Omaha holecard filters
    • Added support for new Entraction USD tables
    • Fixed "More Filters" duplicate filters causing exception to be thrown
    • Fixed TS update in previous build
    • Fixed wrong equity in replayer/reports
    • Fixed HUSNG EV issues
    • Fixed Cake import problems. Wins counting as losses and hands folded to BB not imported.
    • Fixed Stars no HUD because of dead blinds
    • Fixed PKR hands not importing

    Ongame issue with HUD is now resolved. Please download build again to get the Ongame fix. No version # changed for this. It's Xmas eve and we wanted to get this build out ASAP for you guys.
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