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    Default 1.11.00

    Added TableNinjaFT
    Added Hold'em Manager Backup Utility
    Added Everleaf Support
    Added context sensitive suggested FAQ links to the menu bar
    Fixed problem where board texture filters are not included in the short filter description
    Fixed incorrect currency symbol in one column of the cash sessions view
    Fixed problem where non-poker directories could be identified as auto import folders
    Fixed Entraction parsing issue
    Fixed Problem where 100NL HU hands could be identified as RUSH hands
    Prevent Ongame 5 Card Draw hands from being imported
    Fixed HMImport crash when importing malformed Cake hand histories

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    Default 1.11.01

    * Leak Buster Limit added
    * Fixed issue with Table Scanner window sizing
    * HUD Panels now use different positions for different HUD's
    * Added Redraw after screengrab checkbox for FTP RUSH in Site Options
    * Fixed requested RUSH HH from FTP not imported as RUSH
    * Fixed HMImport.exe crash on specific hands
    * Fixed PartyPoker import errors for hands sent by Support
    * Fixed Stake detection for hands where Bigblind + Dead blind were posted
    * Fixed Super Turbo SNG detection & win amount detection
    * Fixed issue with some Party tourney hands with antes not being imported
    * Fixed FTP Super Turbos speed, winnings and EV calculations errors
    * Fixed missing buy-in information from Merge tourneys
    * Added support for AP/UB 300 Chips tourneys
    * Added support for Stars Knockout tourneys
    * Fixed problem where the HUD wasn't working on new Stars tables because of an import error
    * Fixed wrong buy-in information on OnGame hands

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    Default 1.11.01a

    Build Notes:
    This is a minor release. We fixed some Cereus HUD issues and added a new Leak Buster configuration file change. Some people are reporting issues with our new RUSH update from 1.10.06a to 1.11 builds. We're investigating this further and will have an update when it's resolved.
    Leak Buster Limit configuration file change
    Fixed Cereus HUD issues
    Updated compile process

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    Default 1.11.01b

    • Leak Buster Limit configuration file change
    • Fixed Cereus HUD issues
    • Changed code compile process

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    Default 1.11.02

    Added Effective Stack Tourney Filters (Beta)
    Holdem Vision Tourney Updates
    Fixed crash when calling HM classes and invoking replayer
    Fixed message when importing HUD configurations
    Added icons to sidebar
    Added HM Logo to sidebar
    Added Rush tourney support - known issues while shorthanded.
    Added betting pattern to HUD & Player Pref menu (Live tracking must be enabled)
    Added option to scrape from screen in HUD Options/Table Prefs
    Added Skin Designer to Options (Beta)
    Added Leak Buster/Leak Buster Limit Updates
    Added consolidated settings dialog to "Options"
    Added Previous Versions to Help Menu
    Added User Survey
    Updated Buy Now button link in registration welcome screen
    Added FTP Steps support
    Fixed PokerStars new HH with Summary
    Fixed PokerStars bounty not being counted
    Fixed PokerStars requested HH import errors
    Fixed PokerStars import issue with brackets in the name
    Fixed exported Poker Stars hands being read as Party Poker
    Fixed Pacific 3c/6c being imported as $3/$6
    Fixed Pacific 5c/10c import errors
    Fixed Unknown buyins and incomplete tournaments
    Fixed Everest not importing hands with illegal characters in chat
    Fixed FullTilt creating new player names when importing step tickets
    Fixed Pacific 1c/2c hands importing as $1/$2
    Fixed Poker Stars tourney summary import error
    Fixed Party Omaha Hands imported as Holdem Limit
    Fixed Party Turbo SNG's recognized as normal speed
    Fixed Pacific import errors with dead blinds
    Fixed exported FTP hands not being importable anymore
    Fixed exported Ongame hands with missing hands/strange behavior
    Fixed Poker Stars KO tournaments not recording correctly
    Fixed Boss Media import errors
    Fixed Pacific handgrabber import errors

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    Default 1.11.02b

    Fixed Cereus HU hands not being imported after Cereus update
    Fixed wrong winnings information on Stars tournaments caused by new format for first place winnings
    Fixed GBP and EUR Hands being imported as USD on iPoker

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    Default 1.11.03 Updates:

    1.11.03 Updates:
    Fixed FTP HH import problem from their update today
    Better detection for RUSH
    Short handed Rush tourneys fixed.
    Updates to attempt and detect all Rush tourneys
    New start of hand timing to resolve lagging behind some people have experienced.
    Removed Rush Success Message
    Fixed Options / Replayer Layout Crash
    Optimized HM startup process. Much faster now.
    Rush uses new technology for more reliable results.
    Auto-detect HM install location in auto update installer
    Added new time based reports and a EV by street report
    Added the BB Filtering into real tourney hands
    Consolidate configuration classes (now use same for DBControlPanel and HoldemManager)
    Fix frmMain3 so form designer works
    Update filtering by big blinds to make the big stack use his effective stack in the calculation. (for example, if heads up and stacks are 20BB and 5BB then both players would use 5BB as their stack size for the filtering by BB)
    Fixed bug in the replayer filtering by big blind - it would use the stack size at the end of the hand, not the beginning to determine which stack amounts to filter by
    Added a "Set To Default" option in the Hud Big Blind Filtering form to use some typical values
    Added an "Include a BB VPIP/PFR grid in HUD Popup" option setting to the Hud Big Blind FIltering form. When this is checked the hud will have a new popup available that shows VPIP and PFR for each players based on big blinds remaining
    Added the BB VPIP/PFR stat collection to the hud data file for replayed hands (will be added to live hands shortly)
    Fixed error parsing player actions in HM integrated version.
    Fixed VS Player Filter "Tourney/Hands"
    Fixed Save Sort by criteria for tourney->results->dataview
    Fixed Player Prefs Abbreviation not saved.
    Remove HM APPs from Help Menu
    Fixed Apply button(s) resetting HUD positions
    Fixed crash in Settings dialog
    Fixed radio buttons incorrectly linked in Purge Hands settings pane
    Fixex crash when selecting edit on the change button when there is no player selected.
    Updated default settings for Hud text size and hero character length
    Fixed bug related to Auto-Import archive duration
    Fixed error when filtering for tourney hands at 30/60 blind level
    Fixed problem initializing the big blind combo box in the filter dialog
    Fixed stack size report in reports dropdown display issue
    Fixed tourney results filter wrong when multiple HM windows are open
    Fixed "copy hands to clipboard"
    Updated LeakBuster Source
    Fixed limper and unopened filters not working correctly
    Fixed VS player filter combined with "include hands won or lost" error
    Fixed initialize min bb vs players field in main filters
    Fixed "Fix Currency" option - wasn't being initialized properly
    Fixed tourney BB filter defaulting to bb10 when non standard filter is used
    Fixed player Prefs font button not opening Font popup.
    Fixed wrong winnings in some FTP hands where the winning line is missing from the FTP hand
    Fixed import error where there was a dummy player at the same seat - Party
    Seperated import errors from incomplete hands in Import window.
    Fixed some Omaha Hi/Lo hands not being imported - Party
    Fixed Stars Summaries not completing some tourneys
    Fixed Pacific import errors
    Fixed Uncalled Bet bug with Pacific, FTP, Stars, OnGame
    Fixed misc issues with antes and dead small blinds in Stars
    Fixed OnGame issues that prevented 100% sucess with uncalled bets
    Fixed All-in / Ante bug on FTP
    Fixed euro hands being imported as USD on Part/Everest/OnGame
    Fixed currency detection in iPoker
    Added support for new Stars Summaries
    Fixed missing buyin information in Merge tourneys
    Fixed import error when strange characters are present in chat log. Merge
    Fixed import error when player goes all-in from the blinds or ante. Merge
    Fixed imcomplete hands being recognized as import errors. Merge
    Fixed rush detection after FTP update.
    Fixed Stars hands in reverse order from PS emailed HH's
    Fixed import errors for some tourney hands in HH's sent by Prima email.

    Scanner Updates in 1.11.03
    Fix for latest FullTilt update
    Added BalkanBet and 5050 Poker
    Fixed NoblePoker
    Fixed stacksizes for EverestPoker
    Fixed FullTilt table opener for similar names
    Fixed scoring issues
    Added Shallow tables filter for FullTilt

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    Default 1.11.04

    Some final Rush tweaks. All tourneys should be supported now along with new tech working for everyone.
    Updated Auto-Updater to automatically detect HM install folder.
    Fixed Auto Detect Import folders on HM Boot.
    Added Postgres Optimize tools to DBControlPanel.exe
    Fixed VS Player Filter timing out on larger databases.
    Fixed cash filters not saving stakes
    Fixed "My Promotions" hands not being imported. FTP
    Fixed FTP import error on a single hand
    Fixed issue with FTP double stacks. EV
    Fixed FTP Cashout tournaments
    Fixed PP .05/.1NL hands being read as 0.1/0.1NL
    Fixed Rush Ante hands imported as errors
    Fixed Stars Freeroll Not Imported
    Fixed Stars Wrong Winnings/Finish Position
    Fixed iPoker hands imported as errors
    Fixed Merge bounty sngs support
    Added support for FTP French
    Fixed missing buy-in in Merge SnGs
    Fixed wrong tourney results when importing PokerStars html summaries
    Fixed support for files containing hands in reverse order in PokerStars
    Fixed random winnings being calculated for MTTs before summaries in PokerStars
    Removed pop-up asking the screen name when importing a PokerStars html summary
    Fixed OnGame table change in OnGame creating a new tourney
    Fixed import errors in OnGame hands where the next hand was incomplete
    Fixed Party Tourney Speed detection
    Fixed Incomplete Merge DoNs
    Fixed PartyPoker Import Errors
    Fixed PokerStars Issue with specific SN
    Fixed Rush detection for some where registry wasn't being read correctly. (This is the other bug we're waiting for a final fix on.)
    Fixed Pacific HUD for 6-MAX
    Fixed Ongame Auto Import stalling. Has to do with looking up mucked cards by URL.
    Fixed installer not overwriting files when downgrading versions. .03 and .04 Internal versions are permamently broken. If you are downgrading and not seeing a version number change, delete holdemmanager.exe and hmhud.exe before running the installer again. Only affects people trying to roll back between the above two versions.
    Fixed PP mucked hands not being displayed
    Updated FTP Rush tech. We use a user folder to store HH's so no admin rights are needed.
    Fixed iPoker 6max checkbox causing HMHud to use 99% CPU while playing on iPoker

    HM APP Updates:
    Table Scanner fixed PP issue
    LeakBuster has a update fixing changing player name issue
    Hold'em Vision fixed a tourney problem

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