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    Default NC using so much space

    Hi there,

    I use NC on Party Poker with the Alan Jackson NC package. It seems like it uses up a shit ton of disk space.
    I play a day and it uses something like 1 GB.
    How can I fix this? Is this real?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Try vaccuming your databse

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    Apologies for the delayed reply. This is part of using postgres where updating data causes the old space to be temporarily lost till you vacuum. Very inconvenient for sure but NC has tools->vacuum database to help you with that. Another thing would be to go to file->settings->database settings and increase the "persist notes to database every X hands" to a larger number. 10000 would mean saving 1/5 as often so the "lost" postgres space is much less of an issue. Of course this will use a ton more memory so maybe not the best solution for all cases
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