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    Default Most HUD stats not showing up using NC

    Today when I started playing there were only a few stats showing in my HUD while everything else was blank.

    note caddy issues.PNG

    I don't have any minimum hand requirements for the stats to show up so they should be showing up once a single instance occurs. I have no idea why a few stats work, while the rest do not.

    I know that NC is working because when I hover over the "N" note symbol, caddyscatter pops up and shows relevant data points from that session.

    I also know that it is a NC issue because when I switch to a basic HUD that doesn't use NC, all of the stats appear as they should.

    I reset my notes, but that did not help either.


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    Are these stats you made yourself? If you go to NC and go to tools->player notes then type a player's name, are you seeing notes there? Also, if you open the caddy report, do you see any notes being mentioned as newly created? This could be that you are using a coaching pack that has stake restrictions or that expired
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