population tendencies
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    Question population tendencies

    I have had notecaddy for a while but i am just starting to use it. I mainly want to use it for population exploits such as TOT 3bet vs hero steal for the limit and things like that is this possible using notecaddy??

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    You can get a quick overview of your notes using the column chooser NoteCaddy column chooser - Assaultware Wiki and more in depth using analysis NoteCaddy Note Definition Analysis - Assaultware Wiki

    I'm not sure if you have note definitions for the stats you described but you can also create an alias in HM2 using any color definition. This would allow you to do your analysis in HM2. You just need to right click on any color definition and click "create HM2 alias" and then that alias will be available in HM2. I suggest you filter by VPIP or some other stats when doing this as creating huge aliases can cause problems with HM2 having to process impossible amounts of data.
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