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    Default CaddyScatter errors

    I notice there is a lot of bugs in the CaddyScatter (bet and raise sizing reports). For the moment, I spot 3 kinds of errors:

    1. Sizing undervalued: example unopened pot, sb call 0.5bb in 1bb pot but for NoteCaddy it becomes a 50bb bet so now the pot = 101bb and on the river when sb bet 1bb into 2bb (so sizing = 0.5), for NC it's a 1bb bet into 101bb so sizing = 0.01 pot (consequence for this player I have an accumulation of points due to the same issue, at the left side near of the zero point in x axis).

    2. Sizing overvalued, the same thing occurs a lot of time in the right side. For example, a 43bb bet river into a 53bb pot become for NC a bet of 4,3k bb into 53bb, so we have a point at 4.0 (the limit of the x axis) instead of 43/53 = 0.81 !

    3. (I spotted just one case for the moment) Hand strength on the river : don't see how 42s into K5QK5 rainbow can have a strength of 59/100 but tell me if I am wrong ! There is no special calculations here to perform, since we are on the river.

    Into the replayer of HM2, the hands are ok, so my hand histories are not corrupted. I created a new database and I have the same issue, so reset the notes and launch new note creations in notecaddy will not solve this issue.

    It seems there is a confusion between bb in dollars or euros and bb in cents for some hands. It's not the majority of them, but there are a lot !

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    Thank you for the detailed report. I want to fix this as soon as possible but I need some of your hand histories and then it's easy. Please email them to and then post here so I can dig through all the lottery winner emails to find it.

    The thing about the 42s on the K5QK5 hand is that there are so many split pots there that I can't imagine that value is off by much. Imagine all the combos of 63s, T9 44 etc etc
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