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    Default Badges have been moved


    so I freshly installed Notecaddy Premium with 2 coaching packages Edge and Protools.

    When im starting Notecaddy i get the following message:

    I dont know why those badges have moved cause I didnt do anything.

    How do I get them back into the folder?


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    No direction but to trust the final destination


    My apologies for the inconvenience.

    Did you install by clicking tools->import->import coaching pack? That should have moved the appropriate images to the right folder. If you still have the zip files you can move the .png files from there to the folder


    and that should sort the issue. This is not something that's generally necessary though and I will see if it can be replicated and prevented going forward. Please let me know if this does not resolve the issue for you
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    The only badges I found are the ones that are already in there.

    In the Protools package are no badges/png files.

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    you can use badges with Pro.Tools package

    you should install Pro.Tools package
    Help (Instruction)

    and import ColorDefinitions in Notecaddy
    after reset notes and processing hands in your database... badges should be in the HUD
    you can check it in replayer

    also ... badges not available in PokerStars
    if you contact with me in skype: Notecaddy.ProTools
    ... I will help you more faster and via Teamviewer

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    thanks to rasinv the problem is solved. He imported the color definitions again and installed the pro files

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