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    Default the badges set with a note definition don't apper only badges set with color coidng


    I am new to note caddy and probably the problem is with me but can anyone help what I am adoing wrong or not doing.

    I've chosen several badges with color coding and they apper however the badges made with note difioniot never show up

    I have set two badges with note definiton :

    BTN folds to CO steal (I've made from the advanced to appear if maximum instances/ oppourtinies percer 70)
    Call cbets oop (I've made from the advanced to appear if calls less then 45 % of the time )

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    Post the definitions! Without that it's pretty much hopeless to narrow down the problem. Most likely there's a mistake in the definitions (or in the advanced section).

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    There is a full tutorial on how to understand why a note doesn't appear My notes or a single definition's notes aren't showing up as I expect them to! - Assaultware Wiki
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