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    Question How many chips i earn vs oponent?

    Hi. I was searching for statistic that show me chipEV and some numbers that i completly stealed (or he stealed from me) from chosen oponent. Im interested in SNGs only. I tried to make some filters and check the checkbox nammed "use VS player statistic" but all numbers that hem showed me was green even vs oponents that are totally better than me. and friend from poker forum told me, that even if i check "vs player box" program is taking data from all the table (oponent did not played the hand, but put some ante in the pot, etc..) so its no vs oponent statistic. I just want chose specific oponent, specific stakes, and specific date or number of sngs, and see how many bbs he earned vs me on bb20, bb50, bb100, etc. is it possible to make this statistic? and how?

    Thank you for answering
    I appreciate it

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    In HM1: the 'vsPlayer' will look at all hands where the opponent put money into the pot, in hands you were also at the table.
    So you're right, it includes hands where for example both of you posted the blinds,
    or you called the flop and fold on the turn, then player A and B continue betting, Player B wins the hand, if you run the report on player A your 'lost' chips will be included even if you didn't even lose them to player A but to player B.

    In HM2: more filters--> basic filters--> vsPlayer you can only filter for the hands you'd like.
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