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    Question PS 180 turbo tourneys wrong field size/finish/speed

    Hey. I really searched the FAQ but could only find that I would have to tell PS to send me TourneySummaries and tell HEM where to find them. I did that before.

    I just installed and registered the software today for the first time, Micro Stakes version. 4tabled $2.20 180mans on PS. Those are my very first and only stats. I updated to the latest version 1.11.05d, got all my windows updates, run on WinXP Service Pack 3 and installed Microsoft.NET3.5 before playing the very first hand with HEM open.

    HEM detects the tournaments all right, but after I busted (in all 4) it always had the field size wrong, where it showed random two digit numbers, it always got the speed wrong, where it always showed 'regular' and in two of the 4 cases had my finish wrong. Both times my shown finish place was higher than the field size (e.g. finish=68, size=27).

    I read somewhere that HEM has problems to detect tourneys right when you don't get ITM, but shouldn't that be an easy task with the tournament summary file?

    Do I have to edit them all by hand if I want to get those specific stats right?
    Any suggestions for my settings or something? I also read in some help posts to set my Windows language (and region?) to English, but it is never said in the FAQ (at least I didn't find it anywhere) to specifically do that. But that shouldn't be part of this problem, right? My PS language and HH and tourney histories are set to English, though, my Windows XP is not.

    Any ideas?
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    for tournaments already in the database request your summaries from stars and import them and it should update them for you

    For newer tournaments follow this FAQ and it should automatically fix this in future FAQ - Hold'em Manager Poker Tracking Software :: Poker Stars Tournament Summary Setup
    We welcome any feedback on any solutions we provide, this helps us to provide better quality solutions in the future.

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