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    Default HEM download for purchase if 2nd time download?

    Hi, a few months ago I downloaded the trial version of HEM and eventually was able to get it up and running via teamviewer through a person on here called Morny. My laptop had some serious issues and I did not end up purchasing HEM as I was waiting until I had the money to purchase a new laptop. I am computer illiterate and did not feel confident that I would be able to figure out how to transfer the database.

    I now have a new laptop and would like to download HEM on it and purchase it. My question is - since I have already set up an account with HEM when I downloaded the trial version - am I able to download it again on my new laptop under the same account? I had my old laptop "cleaned & re-os'd" so I do not have the files or anything anymore.

    *If I am able to download HEM again onto my new laptop - would it be easier for me to download that postql thing ahead of time or through HEM like I did last time?


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    There is no problem with your trial account. You can download HM as often as you need it.

    You should setup postgresql which you download from our website:
    and when postgresql is running install Holdemmanager

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