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    Default Remove Spaced between HUD seperators

    Currently I am using "|" as an abbreviation between my stats. However there is always a space between them which I would like to remove.

    E.g. "PFR 18| 20| 30| 40"

    I would like them to look like

    "PFR PFR 18|20|30|40"

    I saw that people used to use a "/" as a seperator but I cant find an option to use that as a seperator anywhere?

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    It's not possible to 'compact' the stats without the spacing using "|" (or any stat) as an abbreviation.

    You can:
    -turn off abbreviations (hud options--> player preferences--> appearance tab
    -use the "/" as a seperator (hud options--> table options-->)

    If "/" as a seperator is listed in table options, but it won't appear in your HUD, try creating a NEW HUD configuration.
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