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    Default HM2 Beta Release Thread (

    Please update to the latest version - Build Notes:
    • Performance improvements for multi tabling and long sessions
    • Added auto archiving of Prima hand history file (gamehistory.dat)
    • NC fixed iPoker tournament stack sizes
    • 1949 Fixed progress bars
    • Added options to backup settings and/or database
    • 2218 Learn more link in TNPP leads to TNFT web page
    • 1044 Label case inconsistency in hand viewer
    • 843 Settings tab has clipped text
    • 2315 Rakeback spelled wrong in graph legend
    • 2171&2243 Currency exchange causing some crashes and 100x rate on euro PC
    • 1990 Fixed clicking back on tool tips window before it populates causing a crash
    • Reworked multi-table stat to make it better and faster. Also added to Multi-table report
    • Reworked multi-table ratio stat
    • Make sure mppoker.exe is not running before archiving Prima hands
    • 2319 Fixed session start/end time and stat start/end time not working
    • Add row after last row in popup designer
    • 2168 Disable progress dialog close button while cancelling operation
    • 828 Fixed Rakeback not showing properly in tourney graph
    • 2224 Double clicking on rakeback entry causes crash
    • Change to auto importer
    • Fixed auto importer bug Build Notes:
    • 843 Fixed settings tab clipped text
    • Removed cancel button to backup and restore
    • 648 Cleaned up Database Manager
    • NC Fixes
    • 1625 Add detailed start and end times to date range filter description Build Notes:

    Huge Update Here
    • Tweaked some of the Ribbon buttons
    • Added 3bet by position to reports
    • Added 4bet range by position to report stats
    • Added fold vs 3bet when IP/OOP to reports
    • Added Tiltbreaker Widget
    • LeakBuster Updates
    • 1948 Fixed site time double click opens wrong field for edit
    • 644 Fixed added more filters to Player Summaries
    • Fixed replayer crash
    • 2379 Fixed adding filters, then going back to more filters causing crash
    • 837 Fixed opponents replayer play button does not reset when you go back to the beginning
    • 1426 Fixed adding new report initially no hands shown in viewer
    • Tweaked multi-table stat collection and report output
    • Calculating shortstack multi-way pot AI $EV differently. Players who went all-in but other players remained in the hand who did not go all-in should not have EV for the hand.
    • Fixed issue with preflop hands heat map. Changed to log scale.
    • 1695 Fixed hide import player notes check box when no import database is selected
    • Removed visifire watermark from chart in full replayer
    • Change made to hand replay logic for Leakbuster
    • 2371 Fixed start scan then go to sessions tab causes crash
    • 2351 Fixed convert unrecognized characters in hand histories
    • Modified logging. Tried to fix regional settings for a customer
    • 2382 Fixed exclude folders that have been removed from the auto import list
    • Table Scanner Ribbon updates
    • Added luck adjusted winnings to tournament winnings graph
    • NoteCaddy bug fixes
    • Fixed some HM2Playerhand loading issues and added more logging to leftopview.xaml
    • 2396 Fixed reports being saved to wrong folder
    • Fixed logging issue when showing total number of gathered hands in log file
    • Dealt with compilation warnings dropped by about 1000 so list is more manageable
    • 2354 Fixed some HM2 flop board texture filters not applied
    • 194 Added filter by poker site to main filters
    • Added ability to delete inactive note definitions
    • Stars live tracking first checkin
    • 1989 Fixed hand grid columns so they match HM1
    • TableScanner and Auto Rate Rule checkins
    • 1990 Fixed clicking back on tooltip causing a crash
    • 2426 Fixed crash in launcher widget configuration
    • Dropped gathered stat chunk to 5k hands for initial grab
    • Auto Rate rule score fixed
    • Moved Auto Rate Rules from HUD Options to Settings
    • Import unoptimized hero hands
    • Popup Size updates
    • Removed 20 second delay when launching HM2 update
    • Added 5 seconds back to delay when launching HM2 update
    • missing stats (with () in names)
    • 1949 Renamed backup & restore file options
    • 1618 Fixed crash when running under non-admin account. Moved reg.log file
    • TableScanner score implementation
    • Scaleable cards and other fixes
    • Mike
    • Improved status during player loading
    • Add Widget ribbon initial checkin
    • Style changes to HM2 add widgets
    • 1902 investigating and adding logging
    • Improvements to load time
    • 1822 Fixed updating tourney data when processing player hands
    • Tourney M + other fixes
    • Table Finder fixes
    • Party anonymous table checkin
    • Added current action highlights in replayer
    • Icon selection cleanup
    • HUD Transparency fix not allowing completely transparent background
    • 1902 Active gamehistory.dat without having to restart HM2
    • Bodog launcher added / minor fixes
    • Mainpopup checkin
    • Added new categories and searching for HM widgets
    • 2177 Fixed show both cash and tourney hands in select player dialog
    • 2174, 2023, 1986, 1939 Fixed Stars hyper-turbo parsing issues
    • Added rake to PP hands after no rake promotion ended
    • Fixed table name for Italian poker site
    • 1782 Fixed disable double click in ribbon
    • RSS widget work
    • New HUD color picker
    • Replayer M fix
    • 2122, 1969 Tourney M parsing fixes
    • 2323 Fixed editing of tournament winnings
    • Report manager fix
    • 1218 Fixed some free rolls importing with the buyin being the total prize pool rather than free.
    • Removed logging to fix Win7 crash
    • Fix for main column controls
    • Set gamehistory.dat archive parameters to 5MB and 15 minutes
    • 2407 Fixed Tournament filters effective stack size only in chips, should be bb
    • 2484 Basic Filter/Raisers position not returning correct results
    • 2432 Fixed separate date range from filters
    • 184 Fixed cash results widget
    • 2505 Fixed tournament M orbits between 0-1 showing hands with 1.x M
    • 2511 Ribbon rework
    • 1936 Added more logging for this bug
    • Auto detect runs only once. Auto import and HUD are started after all modules have been initialized
    • Popup boarders and minor fixes
    • Popup designer enhancements
    • Eliminated GetHM2DatabaseNames on startup
    • Colorpicker.dll checkin
    • 2502 Fixed cancel button not working in updater
    • 2206 Added 32 stats to the reports based on this bug
    • 2206 Added 11 new report stats
    • 2206 Added 6 more report stats
    • Added table detect logging
    • Timer fixes
    • 2324 Added tourney starting stack size for tourney tags
    • Fixed startup database connection issue
    • Added buddy list from HUD Note dialog to Scanner buddy list
    • 2433 Check for null values when editing multiple tournaments
    • Table Scanner Ribbon work
    • TiltBreaker removed time controls
    • Fixed problem finding databases with different parent database folders
    • 2206 Added 13 new stats
    • Added min raise to tourney bb range popup
    • Tiltbreaker added cents
    • 2512 Fixed not being able to switch current player
    • 2323 don't allow tournament winnings to be edited when a matching tournament tag is found
    • 2382 add logging and fix default archive folder
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    **Licensing Alert** You will need to register again with this build. Log into your account at Hold'em Manager Poker Software[*]Best Poker Tracking Software and click License Keys to get your license.
    • Extended Beta licensing
    • 1581 Save last selected archive folder to the default archive folder location
    • 935 Don't allow duplicate alias names or duplicate players in Alias
    • Fixed FR positions with EP filter applied showing 5 lines
    • 2484 Basic Filter raisers position not returning correct results
    • 2522 Fixed date filter showing strange when cleared
    • 2531 Fixed PartyPoker rake change
    • 2382 Remove all instances of excluded auto import folders
    • 2222 Show current player name in current player ribbon bar button
    • Eliminated exception thrown when the filters file does not exist
    • 2525 Fixed TNPP download link pointing to TNFT page
    • Table Scanner enabled
    • Stat FR tweak
    • Performance tweaks
    • Added images to action highlight for replayer
    • 2505 Tourney filter M orbits between 0-1 showing hands with 1.x
    • 2276 apply filters to tournament graphs
    • 2184 added scroll bar to build notes text box
    • 2524 allow deleting of user tags

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    HM Support

    • Fixed Stars lower case and upper case "Fast" tables
    • Fixed Stars Ante and Deep tables
    • Fixed Stars HU tables
    • Added overhang pixels
    • Add current action highlight to replayer options
    • Stop Auto Import during showdown
    • iPoker live tracking checkins
    • Cake poker HUD first checkin
    • Cleanup and optimization of ActiveSession module
    • Cleanup of UI Manager code using Resharper
    • 2626 Fixed tournament editor when columns are added or removed
    • 2608 Fixed crash in app launcher widget moving app icon down after removing an app without one being highlighted
    • 1936 Fixed Auto Detect wildcard enhancements
    • 266 Fixed number of players stat display
    • 1553 Fixed database connection test when role name does not match a database name
    • Adding stakes filters to basic filters
    • Blind filter work
    • Changed note popup to include tabbed NC notes if NC is turned on
    • 2560 Widget icon added
    • Removed old blind filters
    • 2536 Fixed clicking show caddy sparks in hand viewer causing crash
    • 2160 Fixed clicking show marked hands caused crash if hand view was empty
    • 2229 Fixed right click
    • mark hand for review causes crash only in cash results graph/graphed hands
    • 2302 Fixed typing some characters in the hand notes
    • not player notes
    • causes crash
    • 2567 Fixed limit info cuts off in limit filter box
    • 776 Fixed overlapping text in player notes
    • 626 Fixed InputControl OK/Cancel behavior
    • 644 Added more filters to players summaries
    • 1377 Removed flop hand value filters
    • 1578 Fixed opponent's summaries ribbon missing boarder
    • 1877 Fixed 2 opponents summaries filter cosmetics
    • Added Stars Live Tracking
    • 2564 Fixed editing number of tables in tournament editor
    • 2394 Fixed filter by Cbet size overlapping into text box
    • 2528 Fixed Holdem equity widget not calculating properly
    • 2523 Fixed stat "count" listed twice
    • 2553 Fixed "Is Tourney" crash
    • 2485 Fixed fold/call/raise 3bet stats in HUD were not including button situations
    • 2437 Fixed issue with missed cbet stats in HUD. This will require a re-import to get proper stats for turn and river. Flop was OK
    • 1648 New AutoRate Stats
    • 827 Fixed Rakeback end date being today by default
    • 586 Added optimize descriptions
    • 2325 Added request to be able to multi select stats when removing from reports
    • 756 Fixed last report should be the current report when relaunching HM
    • 2429 Added session duration
    • Added 13 new report stats dealing with how a player responds to a bet when he skipped his Cbet opportunity on each street.
    • Added 15 new HUD stats dealing with how a player responds to a bet when he skips his Cbet on each street.

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    HM Support

    • Fixed hudfuncs crash & added masks.txt to installer
    • Added foreign key between sync table and hands tab for improved sync performance
    • 2051 Fixed checking show marked hands grayed out if you're on a report view that doesn't contain marked hands
    • 2593 Fixed auto rate crash when you don't select a stat
    • 2158 Fixed red auto rate color box does not make a red outline around HUD
    • 2236 Fixed right click hand and upload to mobile device is not working
    • 2247 Fixed play all from this table does not play all hands in chronological order
    • 2510 Fixed right click tweet doesn't upload the hand to twitter
    • 2613 Fixed delay when adding notes to player in hand viewer
    • 2453 Fixed HMSync not working with Party Poker.FR hand sample
    • Added custom stat infrastructure
    • Set initial site to none in ActiveTable and update when handscollection is modified

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    HM Support

    • Fixed live tracking exception
    • Fixed HUD positions not saving
    • 2661 Fixed clicking on an icon in app launcher that has been uninstalled causing a crash
    • More hudfuncsapp fixes

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    HM Support

    • Refactor default report layout
    • 2024 Fixed net amount won stat header
    • 2666 Added SB raise steal from CO/BTN
    • 1663 Fixed EV adjusted missing EV by currency type
    • Refresh cyborg notes in NC popup
    • Fixed table button on top of player panels
    • Live tracking fix
    • Stretch column widths of hands data grid to fill view
    • Stretch column widths of reports data grid to fill view
    • Fixed unnecessary loading of standardized hand histories on hand selection event
    • Fixed double loading of player hands on database change, save popout window visibility
    • Prima Anon table fix
    • Hide HUD when replayer window is hidden
    • Dark theme wizard page update
    • Persist and manage popout window visibility
    • NC ordering fix
    • 2441 Refresh reports when database changes but cash/tourney mode does not change
    • Reset HUD configs and call fix
    • 2673 Fixed crash and refactor singletons
    • HUD Spacing fix
    • HUD Overhand fix
    • Fixed gridlines on popup designer
    • Stretch hands datagrid toolbar to fill width of data grid
    • Dark theme updates
    • Lock HUD fix
    • Save resizing of NC main popup
    • Eliminated unnecessary checking for marked hands in hand datagrid
    • Added live tracking for Stars Tournament and Antes
    • HUD dragging panels fix
    • 2393 Fixed issue when sort by session start time or end time
    • RSS widget modifications
    • 2683 Cash session efficiency widget fix
    • 2677 Hands datagrid context menu improvements
    • Fixed RSS widget custom icon issue
    • Added additional fields for RSS widget
    • Added homepage/featured status to widgets
    • Widget metadata additions
    • Widget layout fixes
    • Added popup window for widget abuse
    • Manually resize hands datagrid columns to fit view
    • 2380 Added NC upsell
    • Fixed HUD popup going to wrong monitor
    • Added scaled note icons
    • 2693 Added time played stat
    • Added resteal success from BB, SB and overall to report stats and HUD data
    • 2677 Hands datagrid context menu improvements
    • Visibility check on replayer
    • Fixed NC extra data processing
    • 2425 Fixed crash when disconnecting network drive
    • Improved status bar updates when loading player hands
    • 2697 Remove priority status bar messages
    • 2424 Fixed crash when clicking x button to close window during a purge
    • 2685 Fixed HM2 window being too large for a netbook
    • Popup designer and minor fixes
    • 2718 Fixed hands datagrid last column is always left aligned
    • Replayer HUD fix
    • Added new icons
    • Fixed stars nosebleed special tables
    • Mucked card fix
    • 2136 Fixed parsing of tournament tag input
    • Added overhand checkbox
    • live tracking panel fix
    • Added live tracking UI
    • 2706 Fixed last hand not being viewed for instant HH
    • 2041 Fixed more filters tourney filters not showing on ribbon
    • NC popup line wrap fix
    • Removed replayer and hand viewer from sessions tab
    • Added selected hands datagrid row colors
    • Added postflop HUD to prefs file
    • 2739 Fixed mouse double-click only active in current cell of hands datagrid
    • iPoker live tracking fix
    • Winamax fix
    • Added by poker site report
    • Removed overall/multitable/stakes and FR from tourney reports
    • Report fixes, tournament/cash results by site
    • 2180 Fixed VS player Net $ is total won by either player in the pots
    • Updated hands datagrid toolbar buttons
    • 2566 Fixed not being able to add same alias players name from a different site
    • 2711 Fixed no results found message not clearing
    • 906 Fixed item not selecting when deleted another in list
    • 1176 Various rework on opponents/session tab
    • Fixed background of table finder in dark theme
    • 2305 Fixed raise unopened in holdem hole cards also shows re-raised hands
    • 2364 Bug fixed
    • New flop/turn/river HUD's added to prefs.xml
    • 2416 Performance improvements
    • 2392 Fixed bonuses not accepting decimals
    • 2664 Rework on Notes
    • 2173 Fixed sessions hand viewer selecting multiple hands issue
    • Fixed session and opponents tab popup window updating
    • Adjusted widget abuse window sizing
    • iPoker 8 man fix
    • Dark theme updates
    • MTT table move fix
    • Performance enhancement: disable save/restore of report column settings
    • 2762 updated hands datagrid button images
    • Added hand strength charts to player details line analysis
    • Fixed popout results graph
    • Fixed issues with player details hand strength graphs
    • Prevent blank view when report tab is first selected
    • Fixed popup replayer not updating when a hand is selected
    • Added ability to replay hands from player details hand strength chart
    • 2676 Added Party SNG rake changes
    • Removed hole cards grid, replayer, and hand viewer from opponents tab
    • Fixed no HUD in iPoker SNG after iPoker update
    • Fixed no hands found text color on dark theme
    • Fixed replayer flash
    • Added double click to reset session stats
    • 2761 Added context hands view and data grid to Opponents tab
    • 2755 Fixed Poker Stars Mixed NLH/PLO not importing
    • 1936 Bug fixed
    • 2706 Fixed last hand not being viewed
    • 2730 Fixed copy with stats for specific hand not showing stats
    • 2174 Fixed Stars $30 6 Max hyper turbo no EV Diff being calculated
    • 2742 Fixed replayer seats being out of position
    • 2330 Fixed Auto Rate icons not able to change back after being manually set
    • Dark theme updates for hand viewer and misc updates
    • 2726 Fixed Auto Rate Icon checkbox not working
    • 2164 Fixed Auto Rate rules moving to top or bottom, then up/down arrow staying active
    • 837 Fixed replayer play button not resetting when going back to beginning of hand
    • Implemented status bar progress to track first time loading of reports tab
    • 2769 Fixed check for no payouts
    • Updated Popup files
    • New Beta license added
    • 2338 Fixed Graphs Need Date Changes to Reflect Culture Changes
    • Removed TableNinja FT from HM Apps ribbon
    • 2734 Fixed seeking a NC definition with spaces in the tile causes crash
    • 2787 Fixed NC popup background. Made lighter
    • 2603 Fixed NC notes tab in Opponents tab sometimes disappears
    • Added some DPI fixes
    • 1858 Added a minimize button to caddy report window
    • SNG filter work
    • Fixed hand replay in player details line analysis hand strength graph
    • Implemented status bar progress for Sessions and Opponents tab
    • 2826 Fixed big hands hands data grid
    • 2730 Fixed copy with stats crashing HM2
    • 2831 Fixed datagrid highlights foreground color
    • 2813 Fixed issue with replaying multiple hands
    • 2796 Fixed replayer missing some options
    • 2828 Fixed player notes not active in Opponents > Player Analysis
    • 2565 Fixed compilation of settings that should save in HM2 - Many smaller settings now save
    • 2043 Fixed replayer having some overlapping of chips/button
    • 2730 Fixed copy with stats crash for specific hand
    • 2559 Fixed hand viewer not showing correct raise sizes
    • 1051 Fixed hand view columns alignment
    • 2784 Fixed right side widgets being cut off
    • Fixed summary row in opponents for total hands
    • Changes and additions to huddata class to ensure denominators are a single property
    • 2838 Fixed clicking on sessions ribbon causing crash
    • 2676 Party SNG rake changes added
    • 2847 Fixed replayer icon button
    • 2833 Check for null objects
    • Added more logging to make sure system folders can't be used for auto import
    • 2783 Fixed reports not saving stats/stat positions after closing
    • 983 Fixed fuzzy font on vertical tabs
    • 2100 Fixed Copy-C in reports hand view copying wrong data
    • 2196 Fixed Portuguese culture settings causing wrong stacksizes/betsizes
    • 2809 Fixed hand viewer resizing of columns
    • 2830 Eliminated extra hands being sent to replayer
    • Added 349 new stats to HUD (tree-fiddy)
    • Fixed problem of replayer double loading
    • Fixed player hand loading message
    • Updates to HUD preview window
    • 2797 Fixed replayer opening automatically when it was open at close
    • 2855 Fixed update database name on text changed event
    • 506 Gave users ability to remove hand tag classifications
    • 2401 Fixed villain actions not showing in replayer
    • Fixed River type in HUD Options/Seating Prefs
    • Fixed all stakes sorting bug
    • Removed flop/turn CBet IP
    • Updated 349 stats to have proper abbreviations and popups
    • Set dark theme as default
    • Improved status bar updates when loading or refreshing a report
    • Fixed crash in player details hand strength graph
    • 2857 Fixed line analysis pie chart context menu to replayer
    • 2867 Fixed refreshing of popout results graph
    • 2868 Fixed left align cells in report summary stats row
    • 2181 Added Hands View feature missing from 1.0
    • NC Querry update
    • Fixed problem closing popout windows
    • Added warning to equity widget about incorrect board entry
    • Fixed crash on boot loading HUD Module
    • 743 Fixed stars VPP being wrong
    • 1085 Tourney results window can now be opened with a double click
    • 2870 Fixed crash when creating new DB
    • Fixed missing replayer HUD panels

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    HM Support

    • 865 Fixed some graph y-axis issues
    • 2829 Added new tag to hands datagrid
    • 2798 Fixed DBControlPanel spelling errors
    • 2756 Fixed Vs 5bet fold % being over 100
    • 2573 Fixed tourney stakes sorting wrong on tournament results page
    • 2637 Fixed FR Position report sort order not by position
    • 2822 Increased chart size in line explorer hand strength graph
    • Fixed thread deadlock when editing tournament parameters
    • Fixed updating of tournament reports after editing tourney data
    • Fixed crash in tag tournaments like this
    • Popup designer fix

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    HM Support

    • dll performance improvements. Replayer stats and hand importing speed has significant improvements.
    • Hardwired bb stack popup
    • 1831 Fixed active session summary shows incorrect start/end times
    • Improved performance of tourney tags
    • Minimize replayer fix
    • 2903 Fixed splitting large gamehistory.dat files
    • Popup Designer black cell fix
    • 2827 Cache Filtered player hands in opponents tab
    • Dark theme WPF datagrid updates
    • 2188 Fixed adding auto import folder being removed from excluded list
    • 2881 Fixed hand marking menu needing darker text
    • 2832 HM Apps landing page update
    • 2898 Fixed UO PFR% positionally not matching up
    • 2909 Fixed session length in non-US culture shows wrong length
    • 2192 Fixed text not fitting in HUD settings dialog on WinXP
    • Fixed Prima HUD on mini tables
    • 2837 Fixed switching to a DB with one hand not refreshing reports
    • HM2 TableScanner updates
    • 658 Fixed settings dialog issues on WinXP
    • Reset session stats checkin
    • 2845 Fixed last HH on live tables needs the drop down with potsize/winner to choose hands
    • HUD Config text change
    • 2884 Fixed wrong hand being displayed in last 3 pots on live table
    • 2921 Fixed session report performance problem
    • 2885 Fixed replay last hand from settings in summary HUD on live table not loading
    • 2905 Fixed crash when marking a hand during live play
    • 2927 Fixed deleting hands in reports causing a hard crash
    • 2924 Added SB/BB Call vs CO/BTN/SB Steal stat in HUD
    • 2928 Fixed hand viewer in dark theme needing darker text
    • 2920 Fixed replay all not working correctly for tournaments
    • 2518 Fixed editing tourney sorting going back to original sort
    • 2899 Added save & exit button to notes window
    • 2932 Fixed replayer dealer button issue
    • 2897 Fixed HH viewer on live table opening off the main monitor on dual screen setups

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    HM Support

    • Prima Deep table Fix
    • HM Apps Licensing (Table Scanner)
    • SNGW Licensing
    • Tournament Tag enhancements
    • NC Licensing
    • 2912 Fixed Purge freezing HM2
    • 2500 Fixed culture settings with "," & "." issues
    • 2939 Fixed crash when switching reports quickly
    • 906 Fixed item not selecting when deleted another (in list)
    • 832 Fixed adding stats in cash should not add them to tourneys and vice versa
    • 2708 Fixed two $EV Diff columns showing in hand view columns
    • 2954 Fixed AutoRate Rule set disappearing with < in description
    • 2955 Fixed selected Auto Rate Icon does not match added icon
    • 2117 Improving reports and graphs
    • 2971 Fixed clicking on HM apps ribbon causing a JavaScript error
    • 2364 Fixed TN Party Poker not being launched from app launcher widget
    • 2978 Fixed missing stat trigger causing a crash when opening opponents Tab
    • 2639 Fixed adding both SB & BB to heros position does not work/also fixed crash in currencycomparer.cs
    • 2591 Fixed Effective stack "between"
    • 2951 Fixed having a blank time in date range filter causing crash
    • 2823 Fixed line explorer graph not showing all hands
    • 2869 Fixed Active player list not showing players from 2+ hours ago
    • 2893 Added assigning and resetting tournament tags
    • IsReplayerTable added to active table so they are deleted in RemoveOldTables
    • 2964 Fixed saving a report while file is open causing a crash
    • 2935 Fixed updating tournaments during an import
    • 2919 Fixed popout cash results graph being reversed
    • Removed debug code causing build failure
    • 3001 Graph report now default for both cash and tournaments
    • Updated reset panel positions
    • Fixed hand parsing bugs 2422, 2420, 2466, 2452, 2040, 2010, 2758, 1627
    • Fixed tourney performance bottleneck
    • 2983 investigated and added logging
    • Fixed clearing status bar progress meter after updating graph report
    • ActiveTableManager now has a collection of players with datestamp and amount won for each hand they have played in the session
    • 2117 Improving reports and graphs
    • Added Check Call/fold/Raise Flop/Turn/River as PFR stats to HUD
    • Fixed HUD mouse handling + others
    • Fixed tournament import performance issues
    • 2969 Fixed
    • Results graph improvements and fixes for 2009 and 2901
    • Dark theme fixes
    • 2863 Fixed Choosing an empty time frame for cash results graph doesn't change graph immediately
    • Place holder for facing all-in bet, Try/Catch around date range operation. Suspect culture is the issue.
    • Fixed tag performance issue
    • 3012 Fixed editing of tournament data when tournament report columns are hidden.
    • 2968 Attempted fix for more reports menu being mostly blank
    • 2979 Fixed crash when deleting the only tournament tag
    • 2913 Allow negative winnings in tournament data editor
    • Don't archive Prima HH file unless file size has changed
    • Removed .dat files from archive file list
    • 2968 Add handtimestamp to default hand views columns
    • 2981 Fixed tournament tag filters
    • 1557 Fixed show results in BB instead of $
    • 2521 Fixed assigning and resetting of tournament tags
    • Add check for AutoRefreshReports in report import progress completed event.
    • More results graph tweaks
    • 3027 Auto refresh on reports causing performance issues
    • 3016 Fixed
    • 2965 Fixed
    • 2529 Fixed tournament editor when non English culture is selected
    • 2938 Add poker game type to export and purge tabs
    • 3023 Fixed blank tournament graphs
    • 2117 Improving reports and graphs
    • 2664 Rework on Notes
    • 2959 Fixed hand viewer switching hands during live play
    • 2958 made hand viewer cards bigger
    • HUD panel and alignment fixes
    • Shortened label text in player details hand strength pie Chart.
    • 3017 Double clicking on mandatory stats in reports let you remove it
    • 3030 Fixed editing of tournament winnings
    • 2549 Fixed EV Adjusted series in tournament winnings graph.
    • Popup spacing and last pots fix
    • 2912 Fixed purge not working with tourney hands
    • 2908 Fixed NC not bringing up the correct hand
    • 2975 Fixed replay all with a culture using dd/mm date does not play in right order
    • 2499 Enabling NoteCaddy in HUD Options Forces HM2 Behind Objects
    • 2518 After editing a tourney, the sorting goes back to original sort
    • Added FacingPreflopAllIn, FacingFlopAllIn, FacingTurnAllIn and FacingRiverAllIn properties to HM2Playerhand
    • 2500 Culture settings using "," instead of "." are not consistent
    • Added ResetGatheredSTats method to ActiveTableManager
    • 2449 Fixed hud showing 1 less hand for first table opened for a player on his session stats
    • 2790 Added new vs resteal stats broken down by position
    • 3018 New HM1 style winnings report
    • 2040 Made UI text change to make more clear
    • 2630 Applying saved filter don't restore situation on screen
    • 1176 Various Rework on Opponents/Session TAB
    • 2270 Columns order in Tourney results is wrong / Bug fix for Paul - allow stat selection window to be resizable to accommodate larger monitors
    • 3031 Handsview after filter in non overall reports shows all the hands, not just the highlighted stake
    • Fixed NC crash
    • 1553 Fix database connection test when role name does not match a database name
    • 1553 Fix connection string when deleting a database
    • HUD player number filter
    • 3063 Added TableScanner files
    • 2930 Fix updating of tournament graphs after editing of tournament data
    • 1471 Added Merge tourney buyin from master list
    • Added PS tourney tags
    • 3043 Fixed Prima not importing hands
    • 3040 Fixed Cold Call only showing hands where there is a raise and 3bet before hero calls
    • 3053 Filtering tourneys by buyin = 11 does not bring back the $11.00 tourneys
    • 3055 Investigate and implement formatting improvements in tournament data editor
    • hudfuncsapp logging and sngs/player filter fix
    • Added more TS files
    • 2768 Fixed tourney tag matching
    • Fixed loading of tourney tags
    • 2332 Fixed Ipoker HH import loses 30% hands
    • Misc HUD Fixes
    • Allow 0-9 for config name
    • Fixed no HUD in iPoker MTT
    • Player Summaries overhaul
    • Removed total won from sums for tourney results
    • 3076 Fix null object exception when adding new tournament tag
    • 2741 Import Errors On Poker Stars FPP PLO Tournament
    • Improved performance of Prima archiving
    • 3046 Exclude "PC Tools Security" from auto import folder detection list
    • 2002 Fixed restore DB
    • 2421 Added aggregators to tournament statistics
    • Removed commas from Tag names
    • 2611 Tourney Finish Results Not Importing from 1.0
    • 2063 Knockouts to be included in the ROI in Poker Stars KO SNG
    • 2555 Fixed backup and restore of config file
    • 3086 Fix dialog theme backgrounds
    • Seat rotation moved to hud settings intable menu
    • 2570 Fix duplicate HM1 note import
    • Misc HUD fixes
    • 3047 Fix database import progress pause/resume
    • 2754 Session EV won/lost is off
    • Misc Summaries fixes
    • 3079 Minutes Played > Session Length Minutes fix
    • 2728 "Session length in minutes should total in the totals line"
    • 3082 Fix updating of progress status when database is empty
    • Fix tournament winnings stat
    • 3078 Replaying a hand after you've used note caddy replayer opens an NC replayer for every hand you've replayed
    • 3033 Adding a note caddy stat to HUD does not show the stat, just an empty space
    • 2946 Threads used in HM Apps - Note Caddy needs darker text
    • 2412 Add gross winnings stat
    • Added support for the new uncalled bet line in Winamax
    • hmapps fixes / add new icons from Pauls mock / remove tn ft
    • Added back tablescanner / notecaddy references to HMApps
    • 3088 Added filter by effective M
    • 3075 Time frame change in cash session efficiency widget does not take effect
    • 2317 Fixed hands not being imported
    • 2431 Fixed Ongame SNG - HM ignores buyins (both default and written in HH)
    • 2728 Show minutes played total for Sessions report
    • Adding logging for 3097 - Crash when switching reports and DBs
    • Fixed #2646, #2210, #1218
    • 2575 Fixed Site Time Adjustment should be automatic
    • 2794 Fixed Abuse Widget Popup Shows Auto Update Notice
    • 2891 Fixed Filter "Lost bb is bigger than" not working
    • Remove featured/wotm for launch
    • 2916 Fixed Add stack size (bbs) less than, greater than, equal to, between filter to tournament filters
    • 3095 Fixed Filter by antes in tournaments
    • 2452 Fixed HM2 Recognizing Entraction Hands as $ Hands
    • 3029 Fixed end date - time format in tourney list and hands list
    • Added ante/noante filters
    • 3077 Fixed closing note window in replayer minimizes the replayer
    • 2188 Save edited auto import folders
    • 2153 Feature request - minimize hm to systray
    • 2997 Fixed Custom date range filters need fixed for dark theme
    • 2934 Fix tournament tag payout calculations
    • 3086 Added tournament files to build
    • 3090 Added positional awareness stat to hud
    • Remove tablescanner from sessions
    • Disable tablescanner popup window
    • 3109 Backup completed status text in wrong place
    • 2751 Fixed Pokerstars hands.txt files from support 'Encoded in UTF-8 without BOM'
    • 3022 CardRunners widget series section cut off
    • 2011 Ipoker MTT - multiline in report after reseating
    • 3110 DB is crashing on reports - likely fix checked in
    • 2986 More reports menu is blank - changes to report loading and more logging
    • 3048 - Switching themes and not restarting causes a hybrid theme
    • 2263 Fixed NL Omaha 8/b hands are importing as PLO8
    • Logging for bug 3117: In cultures using ddmmyear, the custom date time line is blank by default and not changing the time still causes a crash
    • Graph tweak in summaries
    • 3062 Fixed clicking refresh after selecting Show Known Holecards causes all hands to show again
    • 2984 Relax tournament payout restrictions
    • 2517 Fixed rake/vpp not being calculated correctly
    • 3107 bb stat in hands view sometimes shows too many decimal places
    • 2040 Fixed Tourney filter by players at table equals x not working
    • 3128 Fixed HM2 crashes after deleting license file
    • 2275 Fixed can not remove Apps from App Launcher Widget
    • 2642, 2641 Fixed Cake MTT HH can't be reviewed or replayed
    • 3004 Updater fix
    • Changes duration to remove old tables for ATM
    • 2786 Added Adjusted BB stat which is essentially M * 1.5
    • Added Fold to Squeeze as Raiser Stat
    • Fixed Flop/Turn/River Facing Raise in BB's stats for reraises
    • 651 Added popup message box when database maintenance operation finishes
    • 1553 Add database role "postgres" if it does not already exist
    • 3125 Fixed NC Notes - Blue notecaddy font hard to see
    • 2807 Fixed Note Caddy Main Popup doesn't look as good in dark theme
    • 178 Sessions report needs grouping - adding Sessions by Table report and stat
    • Add PokerStars 6-max Satellite, Hyper-Turbo tournament structure
    • 769 Update import message in manual import dialog
    • 3142 Reduce minimum size of report views
    • 1534 Ignore double-click on database list scroll bar
    • 3123 Fixed SB needs to be added to Steal Quick Filter
    • 3095 Fixed Filter by antes in tournaments
    • Fixed Partners Widgets not showing correct icons
    • Fixed problem creating 'postgres' role
    • 2188 Fixed editing of auto import folders
    • Adjusted RemoveOldTables method to keep tables that have hands imported from within 24 hours but that have also been active within the last 10 minutes
    • Fix problem installing default tournament tags

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