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    Default Not all hands synced in the 2nd Computer

    I have set up a second computer and chose to sync my database on it, and some hands appear, but not all of them. Specifically there are only hands starting in 2016, while in my old computer I have hands from 2014. I did that as a previous step to format my old device, but I would not want to lose years of information...

    What could I do? Has something to do with pro/small stakes version?


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    Did you try a new Sync database?

    There are a variety of known issues with the HM Sync Beta feature where the results (generally tournament) are not syncing properly for some customers. *We recommend you manually sync your hands on both PCs. *Here is a FAQ explaining how to best keep your original hands on both computers so you can easily sync the hands manually - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Sync Hands Between 2 PC's Using Dropbox
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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