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    Question Omaha HoleCard Filter can't filter for specific suits?

    Ive already tried the search function but didnt find anything on this issue.

    I would like to filter for a specific range of omaha hands in HM2/HM3beta but the ranges i want to use are in this format:

    JhAs9s8s, JdAs9s8s, JcAs9s8s, AhJh9s8s, AdJd9s8s, AcJc9s8s, 9hAsJs8s, 9dAsJs8s, 9cAsJs8s, Ah9hJs8s, Ad9dJs8s, Ac9cJs8s, Jh9hAs8s, Jd9hAs8s, Jc9hAs8s, 9dJhAs8s, 9cJhAs8s, Jd9dAs8s, Jc9dAs8s, 9cJdAs8s, Jc9cAs8s, AhJh9h8s, AdJh9h8s, AcJh9h8s, JdAh9h8s, JcAh9h8s, AdJd9h8s, AcJc9h8s, 9dAhJh8s, 9cAhJh8s, Ad9dJh8s, Ac9cJh8s, Jd9dAh8s, Jc9cAh8s etc etc.

    ...and they are also very long (like 17%rfi range, 21%rfi range etc etc...monkersolver output of ranges, i can customize this output with word to where i dont have the suits in it like "s" or "h" but then i also have the rainbow versions in the range)

    So in Pokertracker4 it is possible to input such ranges and save them as a quickfilter...i

    Any way to do it in HM2/HM3 ?

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    It is not possible to filter by those types of suit specific strings in HM2 or HM3. You can do hand ranges though - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Custom Omaha Filter

    I will discuss this with our QA/Testing Manager and ask him to check with the devs to see if we can try and add that functionality to HM3 after we get out of private beta testing.

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