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    Default error when importing redking hands

    Hello, I do not speak English I hope you understand.

    the hands that I play in redking, I miss them as an error.

    what could this happen.

    this is the error that appears:


    <Game hhversion="5" id="6821493161" date="2018-01-12 11:12:50" unicodetablename="QwBoAGEAaQAgAC0AIACsIDEAMAAgAE0A YQB4AA==" tablename="Chai - 10 Max" stakes="0.05|0.10" betlimit="NL" tabletype="Cash Game" unicodetabletype="QwBhAHMAaAAgAEcAYQBtAGUA" gametypeid="1" gametype="Hold&apos;em" realmoney="true" currencysymbol="rCA=" playerseat="4" betamount="0" istournament="0" totalplayers="1" tablesize="6" badbeat="false" currencyId="26" rake="8">
    <Seat num="4" alias="jolupoker1" unicodealias="agBvAGwAdQBwAG8AawBlAHIAMQA=" balance="3.00" endbalance="3.00"/>

    ExtendedTableName: Chai - 10 Max [324427]
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    They are no longer writing hands from the point you don't contribute to the pot so we can no longer support these cash game hands -

    Microgaming has made a decision to not provide cash game customers with all hand histories for games they are seated in. *They also stopped writing anonymous hand history files but we never supported a HUD on those tables. *Even though a Microgaming cash game player has posted blinds for the round, they will now only provide customers with a hand history if the customer directly contributed to a pot. *We are no longer importing Microgaming cash game hand histories because many stats are significantly skewed as a result of the Microgaming decision to not provide hand histories on all cash game hands. *We will continue to support Microgaming tournaments as all players are provided with complete hand histories.

    See this forum thread/post for more details about these changes -

    There are links in the above forum post if you want to roll back to be able to import these hands but the stats in the HUD/Reports will be inaccurate which could cause you to make bad decisions at the tables. *If you continue to have problems importing with the older versions please tell us the software version of your poker client as some customers have reported that microgaming is no longer saving any cash hands so they may now be rolling out changes to completely block trackers/huds on cash tables.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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