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    Default Problem : Sync Error : response contains string value where base64 expected


    The software works perfectly but when I want to synchronize my hands at the end of the session, I have this message:
    Sync Error: response contains string value where base64 expected (response: struct mapped to type GenericBAtchWrapper: member BATCHES mapped to type GenericBatch): array mapped to type GenericBatch: element 0: struct mapped to type GenericBatch: member BATCH_DATA mapped to type Byte.

    Thx for your help

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    Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link here - - and if there is a forum thread with additional information please link to this thread and let us know your forum name if there are several people in the thread.

    You can help us by doing the following:

    Does Poker Training, Poker Videos, Learn Poker From Poker Training Videos work for you?

    If you continue to have problems please go to this page - What is my IPv6 Address? - and send us the ipv4 address along with your city/timezone and the approximate time/date you were attempting to login.

    1. Go to -
    2. Click 'start' in flash version
    3. after it is done, click on 'details'. then 'ctrl+a' to select all text. copy and paste it into text file and attach it to the email/ticket.
    4. DO NOT post these results to forums or anywhere public


    A - Start > Search > cmd > right-click > run as admin

    tracert -w 2000>>C:\tracert.txt

    B - Then attach that C:\tracert.txt file to an email and send it via the 'Contact Support' link here -
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    I'm getting the same issue as well. Been syncing to my laptop for about 5 years without any problem. Now I can't get it to work at all. I've vacuumed and done all the maintenance suggested. I've created new databases, and nothing works.

    With others experiencing this issue too, chances are the problem is with the cloud database and there's no vacuuming ability, or maintenance I can do there.


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    Did you send the information we requested above?
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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