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  1. Hi Netstrake,
    I'm one of the Windows Client developers who works for Everest Poker. We seem to have diagnosed a bug that is annoying both Hold'em Manager and Everest customers. One of the threads on your forums for this bug is here:

    A few months ago I changed our code to handle missing files more gracefully by describing the problem to the user. One of our customers found that if he tells Hold'em to auto-import from "C:\program files\Everest + subfolders" the problem shows up. If he narrows the directory tree to "C:\Program Files\Everest\History + subfolders", then the problem doesn't show up. Hold'em seems to be deleting all files with a '.TXT' extension. Unfortunately, we have '.TXT' files we depend on. Could Hold'em be more specific about the files it is deleting so neither of our companies need to incur unnecessary support costs.

    All the best,
    Mark Giese
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