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    Default One single missing hand.


    I play on ACR. While playing a session i played a big pot with KK. I noticed it didn't come up in the active sessions tab. I researched this problem a little and tried both vacuuming the database, as well as creating a new database. Neither one worked. I tracked the hand down in both the ACR hand history folder and the HEM2 archive folder. Both the hand prior to the missing hand and the next few hands after the missing hand are there. As far as i can tell have 1 hand out of 16k missing, if it hadn't been a big pot i would have never noticed. What should i do next?

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    They have an issue in their hand histories. If the player to be in the BB sits out, then it does not list the player in the BB and the hand does not import.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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