I notice there is a lot of bugs in the CaddyScatter (bet and raise sizing reports). For the moment, I spot 3 kinds of errors:

1. Sizing undervalued: example unopened pot, sb call 0.5bb in 1bb pot but for NC it's a 50bb bet so now the pot = 101bb and on the river when sb bet 1bb into 2bb (so sizing = 0.5), for NC it's a 1bb bet into 101bb so sizing = 0.01 pot (consequence for this player I have an accumulation of points due to the same issue, at the left side near of the zero point in x axis).

2. Sizing overvalued, the same thing occurs a lot of time in the right side. For example, a 43bb bet river into a 53bb pot become for NC a bet of 4,3k bb into 53bb, so we have a point at 4.0 (the limit of the x axis) instead of 43/53 = 0.81 !

3. (I spotted just one case for the moment) Hand strength on the river : don't see how 42s into K5QK5 rainbow can have a strength of 59/100 but tell me if I am wrong ! There is no special calculations here to perform, due to the fact we are on the river.

Into the replayer of HM2, the hands are ok, so my hand histories are not corrupted. I created a new database and I have the same issue, so reset the notes and launch new note creations in notecaddy don't solve this issue.

It seems there is a confusion between bb in dollars or euros and bb in cents for some hands. It's not a majority of them, but there is a lot !