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    Question Hud at Party Poker Fast forward after update isnt working at regular tables is !


    I have problem from today. Party Poker has made an update and I cannot run Hud at FastForward tables, at regular tables is working. HM2 Find the tables by table finder but shows only 1 hand HUD, not working. I am trying to change the clock time in settings but nothing change. I made update of HM2 to newest (earlier I've used version by the same problem which I have now) also I have ESSET Smart Security as antivirus.

    Anyone has the same problem ? Any solving?

    Greetings ; )

    e. I trying to play without ESSET, still hud not working ; <
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    Please update to this version

    Please check all of the steps on this FAQ -

    If you continue to have problems please send the requested files/screenshots as instructed at the end of the FAQ in the link above.

    Please email us at after sending the HUD report with the files, so that we can look into it.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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