View Full Version : Mucked Cards not even showing/Cards and Alignment Edit not working

07-19-2011, 05:18 PM
Hey, I got the new version of HM (1.11.07_windows_7_update) and finally
after all issues it seems like everything works - except for the Mucked cards

I have the following options:
Mucked cards time: 5
Won/Loss mucked: checked
Hero mucked cards: unchecked
WYSIWYG: checked
Overhang: 0
Grid(%): 1
Min hands for stats: 0
Popup time (ms): 750
Short stack(BBs): 30
Screen scrape method: DWM

I've been trying to use the Card and Alignment Edit - as always before, but when I apply with the option checked no cards show up at the tables - so there are clearly no cards to reposition at all.

(I've been trying on iPoker site)

EDIT: I have now realized that HM tells me "you need to put a cards0.png file in your Holdem Manager folder" when I start the auto-import. The thing is that I have looked it up - and there is a file named Cards0.png in my folder, it still can't find it.

EDIT(2): PROBLEM SOLVED. I found out that the file cards0.png should be in BOTH your root HM folder and in the folder "images" within the HM folder. Hope it helps :)